Donald Trump’s Love For Both Hillary And Partial Birth Abortion

Donald Trump’s Love For Both Hillary And Partial Birth Abortion

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New York Values & Partial birth abortion

This is what partial birth abortion is for those of you who do not know. Donald Trump is a sick man!


More Disturbing Clips of Donald Trump

Conservatism is the answer to America’s problems. We have numerous articles on this site showing how he is NOT a conservative. America can do better!


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  1. Supporters of Trump will make excuses for his past statements on these issues. They will say he has been reformed. Trumpeteers remind me of Obama’s supporters, who knew of his history, but put fingers in their ears, and voted for him anyway. What a disappointment to the tea party movement . I am embarrassed that I was part of a movement that concludes with a nominee who was never part of that movement.

    • I feel your pain Aimee. I was embarrassed the day Sarah came out for Trump. Her speech didn’t make sense and her behavior was odd. I’ve supported her and defended her all of these years as a successful prominent conservative. I’ve been very disappointed in the media as well for not being honest with people about Trump’s history right from the start. There is hope. I do believe the people of the Tea Party are standing with Cruz. He, unlike Trump, is a statesman and is true to his principles. We just have to work hard for him and pray for some divine intervention. Hopefully we can turn our country around. God bless you. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts on things whenever you are in the mood.

      • It was very peculiar the actions of Palin. I, also, was a big supporter of hers. Yes, prayer & supplication is what’s needed. Thanks for your response. I appreciate your articles.

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