Irish John Hops The Pond & Comes To America

Irish John Hops The Pond & Comes To America

My friend Jon, aka “Irish John” is visiting America! He is such a good guy, a truly nice person and a man of faith. I hope his dream of becoming an American comes true. He deserves it more than anybody. He has a great podcast on the Blaze radio. Check him out if you haven’t already.- Alexis


Irish John in America

By Mike Opelka- Via The Blaze-
TheBlaze Radio’s Jonathon Dunne calls himself “Freedom’s Disciple.” The Irish citizen who says his “life-long dream” is to become an American, is also a walking advertisement for America.

In fact, Dunne’s face lights up when he speaks about the country he hopes to one day call home.

On a recent trip to New York City, Dunne visited the Statue of Liberty and shared his thoughts on what it was like to grow up in a socialist country where “there are no eternal God-given rights, no belief in the individual and the answer to every problem is more government.”

Dunne stressed that he counts himself among the 4 million hopefuls who are “following the rules” to become an American citizen.

Video from The Blaze. Press the arrow to play.

The Blaze


  1. Char in ND says:

    John would be a great American. In many respects he is a finer patriot than millions who are citizens today. I hope we are so blessed some day to have him as our fellow citizen.


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