Cruz Comedy Commercial On SNL

Cruz Comedy Commercial On SNL

Cruz Comedy Commercial he ran during Saturday Night Live

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  1. That’s Great!!! He’s the best!

  2. Fabulous! The trifecta for me today: Allen West sat in for Hannity on his radio show. Louie Gohmert called in to The Mark Levin Show, and Mark Steyn hosted Hannity’s tv show and had a great interview & conversation with Ted Cruz.

    • Dang! I missed all of it because I was doing Christmas stuff! I’ll probably be able to find the Steyn/Cruz interview on the internet. Hope you had a fun day.

    • Char, thank you so much for the link. You are such a sweetie!

      That is awful what they are doing to Louie but it is to be expected from the establishment. They will always see conservatives as the enemy. Is there anything we can do to help him?

      I have been having get- togethers with friends exchanging gifts and so forth. What are you doing on Christmas? Do you travel?

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