The Liberty Force Awakens -Cruz Crew

The Liberty Force Awakens -Cruz Crew

The Liberty Force Awakens

We even thought we lost talk radio to the dark side but yesterday they returned as Jedi Knights.

Will America fall in love with conservatism again like they did during the Reagan Revolution?

I believe it will begin again tonight.

Great video from “2Conservatives”

The Gen-X Cruz Crew needs to make this go viral.

Press the arrow to play.




star wars Obama

ObiWan Cruz, you’re our only hope


  1. Char in ND says:

    If backing the one who takes on the DC insiders makes me a maniac, then I happily ride the Cruz Maniac Train. The DC elite will continue to throw bombs at Ted Cruz because he is a Constitutionalist, and any way, place or time they can twist his words or outright lie about his positions they will do it. Others may have a cult following and are gifted speakers, but beware the slippery fellow(s) whose allegiances should cause anyone watching to take pause.

    The irony of Trump calling Cruz a maniac is the reason why conservative voters are disgusted with the establishment. They have given Obama EVERYTHING he wanted. Cruz is that lone patriot that consistently calls them out. He actually fulfilled his campaign promises and stayed true to the oath of office. Go Cruz! You’re the only one running in which I place my trust.

  2. Rubio’s defense of the indefensible in Libya is crap. He supported Obama and Clinton’s policies there, along with McCain and Graham which led to a complete disaster and the void became a terrorist state wherein many have died. Remember those Christians beheaded on the beach?

    • Rubio is 100% establishment

      • Yes he is, I hope people wake the hell up!

        As an aside, Fox hates Cruz and Trump. For sure they are 100% behind Rubio! I made the mistake of watching Megyn Kelly last night after the debate. Brit Hume was trashing Cruz, he said something like “Ted Cruz has a problem shaking hands with the truth”. I see he is still implying Cruz is a liar on Twitter. The big push for Rubio is on, it makes me ill.

      • I agree with you. Brit Hume hates Ted Cruz. It makes me so mad. Hey, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about Fox-Rino-News. They practically have Rove on every show. If not Rove, then some other establishment hack. Why don’t they ever have real conservative guests? I guess it is what it is.

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