Trump shows his true progressive colors when he calls Cruz a Maniac for standing up to the Republican establishment

Trump shows his true progressive colors when he calls Cruz a Maniac for standing up to the Republican establishment

Trump shows his true progressive colors when he calls Cruz a Maniac for standing up to the GOP establishment.

Can you believe Trump of all people is talking about temperament? LOL!

Donald Trump sharpened his criticism of Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz in television interviews broadcast Sunday morning, lambasting Cruz’s approach to the Senate and expressing doubts about whether the senator’s “temperament” is fit for the presidency. The remarks came as new polling showed Cruz surging past Trump in Iowa and the two candidates have begun to more forcefully distinguish themselves from each other.

Donald Trump went on the attack against both Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton this morning, using remarkably hyperbolic language about both of them. Trump told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday Cruz is not qualified to be president because he lacks the right temperament and judgment. He said that Cruz has conducted himself in the Senate “like a little bit of a maniac” who can’t get anything done. “You can’t walk into the Senate and scream and call people liars,” he said, “and not be able to cajole and get along with people. He’ll never get anything done, and that’s the problem with Ted.”

I liked Ted Cruz since he joined the senate and started shaking things up. I’ve been standing with him for years now. Remember his 21 hour filibuster on the senate floor protesting Obamacare? The man is brilliant. He has virtue and a strong backbone, not only standing up to Democrats, but to the GOP rino establishment as well. It’s time to get serious and make the elites in Washington listen to “we the people”. We have the chance to save this republic with Sen. Cruz.. Aside from a Convention of States, this presidential election may be one of our last chances to turn this ship around.

Here Are Trump’s remarks:

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  1. You can’t be serious, right now. That’s like saying that you are a statist because you call yourself a Queen.

    I know you suffer from Trump derangement syndrome, but surely you can recognize his strategy by now……..or perhaps not.

    John F.

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    • Oh look, Trump’s number one fan shows up again. I can see why you like Trump so much because you are both obnoxious bullies. He’s not going to make it to the White House. Deal with it!

      Do you realize you say the same exact line every time you come to this site? America is the Queen of Liberty ,not me, you dolt. Clearly you have Alexis derangement syndrome. Now, run along you little weasel.

  2. Susan Weeden says:

    This is unbelievable! Trump needs to look in the mirror when he spouts this crap! Senator Cruz has NEVER gone into the Senate screaming or acting like a maniac! He has always conducted himself with decorum and a level head! It is Trump that is rude, mouthy, and shoots from the lip, NOT CRUZ. Ted Cruz is far more “presidential” than Trump and I am calling Trump out on this for the liar that he is! Trump is acting just like the Liberals, projecting his own shortcomings onto Sen. Cruz.

  3. Char in ND says:

    Does that make all conservatives who support Cruz maniacs?

    Ted Cruz is the ultimate Dark Horse.
    Despised by the media and the DC insiders.
    Underestimated by contenders.
    Loved by Conservative voters.

    Trump thinks Cruz is beholden to the oil companies because he opposes taxpayer-subsidized ethanol, as do most conservatives? Cruz defends the American people, supports our Constitution and fights the left and GOP establishment – that is why Conservatives support Cruz.

    Trump appears to be another reach-across-the-aisle-to-get-things-done flunkie. No integrity, no standing up for your principles and doing the people’s work. He’ll get along great with McConnell, Reid, McCain, Pelosi and Ryan.

    • Wow, well said Char. I heartily concur. I’ve been saying since day one Trump is a big government guy. I never understood why so many conservatives supported him at all. His true colors are showing now. I hope his popularity will start to decline.

      Ted Cruz is the anti – establishment candidate and the one who will defend the Constitution with all his heart. I truly believe that. Our republic needs him. If he wins and if we can get the Convention of States movement further along, we might be able to save our republic. This is what I pray.

      • It takes incredible fortitude to go in to a top producing corn state and speak against ethanol subsidies. Ethanol is not a good fuel for small or large engines, in fact it destroys many – especially older engines. It has a short “shelf life” and is extremely expensive to produce. It is heavily subsidized, and millions of acres of corn are planted in areas where they have no business planting corn, because the growing period required to produce a decent yield is not reasonable or sensible. So why grow it? Subsidies.

        In years past I have watched in amazement as corn is harvested in the snow, in sub-freezing temperatures – then it must be dried, of course. Here in ND they use propane to dry the grain which must be done before it can be stored or shipped. What else uses propane? Many people in rural areas lease or own propane tanks to fuel their homes, as they have no gas lines in remote areas. The fuel prices skyrocket when there is an early snow or freeze and farmers have to get that corn out of the fields and dry it out.

        Cruz is brave to address this issue especially in an agricultural state like Iowa. I grew up on a small farm, my parents never received subsidies nor would they ever have considered receiving handouts from the government. Why? They considered themselves business owners, responsible for their own demise or success depending upon their own prowess or learning or mistakes, by the grace of God.

        Bottom line is Ted Cruz is not pandering. He is consistently true to his principles. What has Donald Trump been doing all his years. Donating to the Clintons or whomever he needs to in order to get his job done, sitting on the sidelines regarding illegal immigration, saying nothing about the thousands slaughtered by jihadists, saying zero about the unborn aborted – until what, a year or so ago? Until he started his campaign. Then he took up a banner and ran.

        No. I’ll take Ted.

      • Char in ND says:

        Trump wasn’t astute enough to question if Jake the Snake Tapper’s line of questioning might be filled with inaccuracies when Tapper quoted Scalia. Because he didn’t really know that what Tapper was quoting was not accurate – he had no idea it was out of context and his ego stood in the way of requesting a complete recitation of Scalia’s comments. Second point. Trump is not a constitutional conservative, so he would not be compelled to dispute Tapper’s obvious attempt to slur one of the greatest Supreme Court justices who has served this nation.

      • Are you watching the debates tonight? Stupid question I’m sure.

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