Cruz 31 Trending All Over Social Media – YES! IOWA BABY!

Cruz 31 Trending All Over Social Media – YES! IOWA BABY!

‘Big shakeup’ in Iowa Poll: Cruz soars to lead

Des Moines Register poll of Iowa: Cruz 31, Trump 21, Carson 13, Rubio 10

From HotAir and The Des Moines Register-
Big shakeup,” said J. Ann Selzer, pollster for The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll. “This is a sudden move into a commanding position for Cruz.”

Cruz, a Texas U.S. senator famous for defying party leaders and using government shutdown tactics to hold up funding for the Obamacare health care law and abortion provider Planned Parenthood, was the favorite of 10 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers in the last Iowa Poll in October. He’s now at 31 percent.

Carson’s zenith was 28 percent in the poll two months ago. Trump’s highest support was 23 percent back in August, when he led the field by 5 points.

And there are signs Cruz may not have peaked in Iowa yet. Another 20 percent of likely caucusgoers say he’s their current second choice for president. Cruz hits 51 percent support when first- and second-choice interest is combined, again leading the field.

With Cruz’s popularity and his debate proficiency, “it’s certainly possible that he could win Iowa big — very big,” said Frank Luntz, a Nevada-based GOP focus group guru who follows the Iowa race closely.




  1. Nelson Abdullah says:

    Another web site that is a big fan of Donald Trump ran a screen cap from Fox News showing the results of a recent poll with Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 46 to 41%. I posted the following comment there:

    Nelson Abdullah
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 12, 2015 @ 7:33 pm

    I know that Donald Trump is the favorite here but let me add some caution to everyone’s heated emotions.

    The catch phrase in that Fox News Poll image shown above is: “If the election were held today” and this is why. The election isn’t being held today and the Democrats haven’t begun to attack Donald Trump yet.

    The Democrats want to win the election badly and they will dig deep into every dirty scandal that Trump has ever been involved in. One of the biggest scandals is a trial in NYC that is just getting underway. The trial is a lawsuit against Donald Trump and Trump University. Time magazine did a big story on it and its posted on their web site. I urge everyone to read it.

    What the Legal Battle Over Trump University Reveals About Its Founder

    The story contains excerpts from sworn depositions from all the principles and it paints Donald Trump as a snake oil salesman. It is probably the most damaging material Trump has ever faced and I’m certain it will do irreparable harm to his reputation.

    I have often posted on Twitter that Donald Trump’s only real purpose in this campaign is to steal the limelight from the other candidates. He seems to be doing that very well. I think iif he wasn’t in this race that Sen. Ted Cruz would be far out in front in more than just Iowa.

  2. Joe Goldner says:

    Ted Cruz now leads by 10 pts in Iowa and is surging throughout the country. Lets continue the momentum by going to , volunteer, donate to the campaign, and spread the word about Ted Cruz.

  3. Char in ND says:

    Awesome! May the Cruzade keep getting stronger and stronger! 🙂

    • Oh Char, I know it is early in the race and I know polls don’t really matter but it was so nice to feel happy about something for a change. We had a big UFC party which turned into a Ted Cruz party. I hope the Cruz momentum continues.

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