Do you guys & gals believe in Love At First Sight?

Do you guys & gals believe in Love At First Sight?

There is this guy who lives near me.

Every time I see him I hear an orchestra in my head.

Like Puccini. Click the arrow to listen.


He drives me mad!


He knocks me off my feet.

From the very first time I saw him I have been out of my mind and every time since then. He is like a dream!

Sometimes I can’t even breathe.

What do you think, does love at first sight exist?



aw crap im in love

This will never end well!!!!

I can relate to the female character in this video, especially her facial expressions. (Just ignore that it is Barbara big lib, lol)


Do you believe?


  1. One’s demeanor piques an interest until the mouth flops open and a complaint emerges.

  2. acquesttitle says:

    I believe in OVERWHELMING ATTRACTION at first sight. LOVE is another thing……………….good luck!  gwen

  3. Char in ND says:

    Ah, have those elves been working their magic early this year for you Alexis? I am so happy for you! Beautiful music, I love Dmitri Shostakovich. 🙂

    Est-ce de l’amour, Alexis? Il pourrait sûrement! Fantastique!

    • Oui, Oui …but he is too good for me, my unrequited love. Thank you for the beautiful music. You are the best, Char! Love you girl.

      • Char in ND says:

        What is this nonsense. Too good for you? You need a new mirror, my dear. You also need to go back through some of the masterpieces you have written and posted on this site, along with the subsequent praise and appreciation from those who post here.

        You are unique, insightful, intelligent, witty, strong, passionate and beautiful. Don’t ever forget it.

      • Aw, thank you Char. That’s so sweet. You are good for my ego. You are the only one who thinks so but I appreciate it. Love ya! ❤

  4. Most definitely. My wife and I have been together since day one 26 yrs ago.

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