Beck “Trump is Saul Alinsky”

Beck “Trump is Saul Alinsky”

Glenn Beck said “Trump is Saul Alinsky” Trump is “a puss, a total wus….He will isolate and polarize anyone who slightly disagrees with him…He is spending big money to buy news organizations…He makes Citizen Kane look like Jesus.”

Pat “Everybody is afraid of Trump”

Trump is winning with moderates & liberals but losing with Tea Partiers and conservatives.
Glenn Beck & the Blaze are among the few who Trump hasn’t bought off.

This is a few minutes of audio only. It’s the Glenn Beck program from the Blaze. It’s a really good audio. It makes you think.


Many conservatives want to know why Trump is running and why he is pretending to be a conservative. This is one theory being tossed around. This video is from the Blaze via Right Wing Watch. ( I don’t like Right Wing Watch but they were the only ones who posted this)


Is Trump’s Campaign A Plot To Elect Hillary?





Want to see other articles & videos showing that Trump is not a conservative? Click Here!

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