Alexis Deacon’s Audio Blog – November 2015

Alexis Deacon’s Audio Blog – November 2015

Hi friends,
I haven’t had time to write lately. Therefore, I did a little 16 minute audio blog. I needed to vent about current events. 🙂 Enjoy.

Wait for it to load. Then, press the arrow to play.

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  1. Alexis, I love hearing your voice.

  2. Barry Snow says:

    Bless you Alexis. Hope you do more of these. I think you have a very lovely voice. I agree totally with you. Lots of love and happy thanksgiving to you XXX

    • Thanks Barry! You are the best! ………..I’ve missed ya on twitter. I haven’t been on as much as I use to but I’ll be tweeting more when I have more time. God bless you honey!

  3. Tim Mainord says:

    I’ve heard these same accusations so this is nothing new and I have discovered that when people create an alternate reality that suits them, then it is quite unlikely that facts and reason will ever reach them. As a historian I see that people tend to repeat the mistakes of the past – for instance, I believe that the Iran Nuke deal parallels Neville Chamberlain’s speech to the media in Lindon after he returned frim the Munich Conference. “I give tou peace in our time.” Neville Chamberlain became a sad footnote in history. Obama will one day be viewed as a double agent for his betrayal of the American people. Problem is, “we the people” have become so ignorant of our own history that a tyrant can come along and convince the sheeple that he is the messiah. It has taken decades to foster this level of ignorance and it will take time and the will of true patriots to turn it around.

  4. Sheila Bolt says:

    Well done!

  5. Oh my God. Alexis, this is very good. Do this more often. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Thank you for everything you do for our country. God bless you.

  7. Excellent piece. I’m a follower on Twitter, but this audio clip is what we needed more great voices speaking out. Expressing the true American spirit. Merry Christmas

  8. All the famous people in the media are repeating what you said about hate crimes towards Jews! You said it first. You are a trend setter, Alexis. Good work.


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