The GOP Presidential Race

The GOP Presidential Race

A lot of people have been asking me for my opinion on the GOPpresidential race:
Here goes-
As of right now, my number one pick is still Ted Cruz. My number two pick is Ben Carson. I really like Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum but I don’t think either one of them has the charisma to go all the way to the White House. Jindal dropped out recently but he is a young guy, he will remain a strong player and contributer in the conservative movement for years to come.
Of course, Bush, Kasich, Christie, Graham and Pataki are too rino. I have completely eliminated them from my choices. I have mixed emotions about the others. Fiorina, Paul and Rubio have all done things which amazed me but they also have engaged in policies which angered me. I like that Huckabee supports a Convention of States but I don’t want him to be president. Trump has added laughter, entertainment and pissed off our enemy, the GOP establishment. He could be useful in a Cruz administration. Overall, I think the GOP has a great field. It’s hands down better than the old stale people the Democrats are running. It should be exciting.


  1. iamyournot says:

    Thanks for the lowdown.

  2. acquesttitle says:

    Ted Cruz Courageous Conservative!

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