Trump Acting Like A Bully Again Last Week In Regards To Carson

Trump Acting Like A Bully Again Last Week In Regards To Carson

This video was taken at the end of last week in Iowa. It’s another example of Trump’s character. Trump went off for 9 minutes about Carson. Ben Carson is such a brilliant, respectable man. I think Donald is a great entertainer and a fantastic businessman. I think his talents could be utilized in a Cruz or Carson administration but I just don’t think he is classy enough for the oval office. And although he is trying to learn about conservatism, he is still a progressive at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy he pisses off the GOP establishment. God knows I love seeing their feathers ruffled but that is just not enough. The stakes are too high. -Alexis

Video from Right Side Broadcasting.

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    (We had enough of RINOs and career politicians)

  2. typo: GGGGGGGreat!

  3. Is that subject US English?

    Trump is a populist, not a progressive. He just mouths off for publicity or as a tactic against his competition.

    Relax. He’ll be a better president than Obama or Hillary.

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    • LOL at the thought of a TV Reality star who is worth 10 billion being a Populist. Yeah, Trump is down with the struggle. I think Trump & Hillary would be about equal as president. Trump always thought Bill was his favorite POTUS. I remember Trump’s endless gushing over Bill throughout the years.

    • Joe Billingsworth says:

      John, you kiss more Trump asshole than a talk radio host.

  4. Mandy Smith says:

    Have you listened to Carson’s replies when asked about foreign policy? He’s a babbling idiot – TOTALLY clueless. Carson registered as Republican SIX months before running for office. You’d better educate yourself on your boy. Carson is a surgeon – NOT a God because of it.


    • I’m only interested in conservatives. Trump is as far from a conservative as a person can get. All the racists who couldn’t stand to see a man with a Cuban father like Cruz can vote for Trump. He is their guy.


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