National debt jumps $339 billion in one night

National debt jumps $339 billion in one night

Via Convention Of States site & The Washington Examiner-
Monday, in the wake of new legislation suspending the debt ceiling, the national debt jumped $339 billion. That means that in one day, the debt burden our children and grandchildren will carry rose from $18.1 trillion to $18.5 trillion.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The U.S. national debt jumped $339 billion on Monday, the same day President Obama signed into law legislation suspending the debt ceiling.

That legislation allowed the government to borrow as much as it wants above the $18.1 trillion debt ceiling that had been in place.

The website that reports the exact tally of the debt said the U.S. government owed $18.153 trillion last Friday, and said that number surged to $18.492 on Monday.

That number will only continue to grow. Our national government has shown itself either incapable or unwilling to spend taxpayer money in an efficient, sustainable way. Either they are too worried about the next election cycle or they are willing to sacrifice the future fiscal security of our country for temporary political games.

It’s time for the American people to rise up and take the back their future. An Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments, which, when ratified by 38 states, can enshrine fiscal responsibility in the Constitution itself. The best part? Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court have no substantial role in the process.

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