My Audio Blog About The Muslim clock kid – Alexis

My Audio Blog About The Muslim clock kid – Alexis

Here is a little audio blog for you about Ahmed, the clockmaker.
Sorry this isn’t very professional. I was in a hurry but you get the point. 😉 Alexis

Press the arrow to play.

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  1. Alexis, this is excellent. As time goes on, more and more is coming out about this kid and his father. Of course any coverage by the lib media will be slim – if they cover it at all. It’s such a sneaky game they play and unfortunately it works because most people won’t bother to do the follow-up to a story that happened even yesterday.

    I like the audio blog! You have a great ‘radio’ voice. 🙂 It is nice to hear the voice of the passionate patriot that owns this awesome website.

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