Lookout Christians, Trump agrees With Joe Scarborough On Religious Liberty

Lookout Christians, Trump agrees With Joe Scarborough On Religious Liberty

Trump is definitely not big on the Constitution.

Video from MSNBC. Press the arrow to play.




Our country is in danger. We need to elect a Constitutional conservative as president in the next election and Trump is not the guy. Many people are just ill informed. In the past few weeks our “Trump is not a conservative” section has made many converts. People who use to be Trump supporters simply didn’t realize he had so many Leftist views most of his life and the media has done the voters a disservice by not informing the population. After reading some of the posts here, many Trump supporters are now backing other candidates like Cruz or Carson. Therefore, we will continue to sound the alarm by showing examples of Trump thinking like a progressive. Spread the word. The future of our republic is at stake.



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