Col. Schlichter – “If you believe Trump is a conservative, you are insane!”

Col. Schlichter – “If you believe Trump is a conservative, you are insane!”

“Trump voted for Obama. He gave money to Hillary. He flirted with an assault weapons ban. He wants to partially fund Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump is not a conservative. He is not the answer.”
Video from CNN. Press the arrow to play.


Col. Schlichter isn’t the only one who feels this way. Michelle Malkin, Katie Pavlich,
Glenn Beck, Brad Thor and many more have been sounding the warning alarm!


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  1. Of course Donald Trump is not a conservative, nor is Trump a republican, nor does Trump inscribe to any political party other then himself. Donald Trump is a self-Promotor and happens to be very good at it as well as in business. Trump will do and say what is good for Trump.
    I’m pushing for Carly 2016.

    • One of my friends said, “Trump doesn’t intend to take the power from Obama and give it back to the people if he wins the presidency. He would take the power from Obama and give it to Trump.” He is right. Trump would be another imperial president with a pen and a phone. Trump is not in this for the American people nor is he in it for the Constitution. He is in the race for one reason alone, himself.

      Ted Cruz on the other hand does want the people to regain their power. We need a real conservative.

      I’m looking forward to Trump & Carly being on stage together at the CNN debate. I think it could get interesting.

      • iamyournot says:

        I just watched a video you posted from, I have to admit Ted Cruz seems to be a stand up guy, I have do my home work on Ted, I haven’t given Ted a fare chance being I connect him as part of the present administration which I see as RINO’s.

      • Oh no! He has fought the establishment since day 1. He hates them and they hate him. You’ll love him. I have a whole section on him. Go to the bottom of the page and where it says category select Ted Cruz. There is a bunch of articles & videos.

      • Carly is the best person for the job

      • On the surface Carly looks great but I don’t completely trust her at this point. Some of her statements and actions from her past make her look like a rino. She is a great speaker and she has amazing debating skills. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

  2. davidfarrar says:

    JEB’s new attack ad against Trump for not being “conservative” enough actually helps Trump rather than hinders him. Trump has never said he was a supporter of the U.S. Chamber of Crypto-Fascist, Crony-Capitalist. Trump is standing on the issues that matter to most Americans — immigration, trade, and tax policy — he’s more right than JEB is on these issues or Sen Cruz for that matter.

    No, we can’t deport all illegal immigrants in one fell swoop, but we sure can create a 10-year policy whose end result is 90% fewer illegal residents in America, and controlled entry points. Yes, we can have better trade agreements with the Far East, and a renewed focus on protecting blue collar American jobs. And yes, his idea of taxing the super rich (and not just the super wage earners) makes a whole lot of sense to a whole lot of Tea Party conservatives, independents, and even Democrats; which is why Trump’s poll numbers are in the stratosphere and JEB’s are in the gutter.

  3. davidfarrar says:

    Trump putting America first rather than fighting over political labels is also resonating in the SEC states as well, which is why Cruz needs to hang on the Trump’s coattails as well.

    • Trump puts Trump first. The Amerrican people are simply a means to an end.

      • davidfarrar says:

        Oh, please, and Cruz isn’t? I think we can safely say to a certain extent all politicians put themselves first; that’s a given. We should look beyond blind ambition and seek the common good their presidency will bring to us all once in office.

      • Cruz didn’t support Obama 7 years ago. He never gave money to Pelosi and other people who have destroyed our country.

  4. davidfarrar says:

    As John Gaver points out: “Ted Cruz has become an embarrassment to Texas and particularly, those of us, who voted and campaigned for him, for his Senate seat. He is not keeping his campaign promises. He has learned the art of equivocation, when asked a question that he doesn’t like. In short, he following in the footsteps of the last two Texas Senators (Hutchison and Cornyn), who started out great and soon, not only fell in line with the Establishment, but became Establishment leaders. With each passing day, Cruz is proving that he is not someone who can be trusted to be President. He did a 180 on his campaign tax position. He not only voted for, but championed, TPA, which is nothing more than a blatant subversion of the Constitution’s requirement of a two-thirds Senate vote to approve a treaty. Now, he is being evasive and dodging valid questions about an important issue in this election,”… such as “legalization” of illegal aliens, which is, of course, code for amnesty.

    There’s no doubt Cruz is a seasoned and experienced debater, and for that reason alone we must listen to what he is actually saying rather than what we hope he is saying. Cruz is a person fully capable of sounding conservative on the issues that are important to all conservatives, but is, in fact, laid the ground work for a left-swing towards the middle if he becomes the GOP nominee.

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