Andrew Breitbart Knew Trump Wasn’t A Conservative

Andrew Breitbart Knew Trump Wasn’t A Conservative

This old clip has been circulating around the Internet again over the last month. It’s Andrew Breitbart on Fox News. Press the arrow to play.

There are also rumors going around that Trump paid the Breitbart website for its over the top glowing coverage of Trump’s campaign. I would take it with a grain of salt since Left wing sites are reporting it. However, several well known writers for respectable conservative sites have said on social media that they have inside information and believe it to be true. It’s all just gossip. Yet, it is strange that so many conservatives in the media are pretending Trump is one of us when they know better. Trump seems to have found everyone’s weakness and found a way to schmooze them into being his buddy. Trump may be many things but he is NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

Want to see other articles & videos showing that Trump is not a conservative? Click Here!

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