Beck is Dead Right About Trump In This Clip – Plus Beck & Hannity’s Friendly Debate

Beck is Dead Right About Trump In This Clip – Plus Beck & Hannity’s Friendly Debate

We are now fighting for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Everyone is fed up with the status quo, Washington and the establishment. I think Beck is exactly right with his opinion of Trump. Pat “We don’t believe his BS!” Trump does what is best for his finances. He helped Pelosi and Reid get elected and greatly hurt our country. He has been corrupt and basically bought politicians. Trump not so long ago wanted a pathway for illegal aliens, he was pro choice, pro late term abortion, pro assault weapon ban and he wanted single payer healthcare. He thinks Canada and other places who have socialized medicine are what we should strive for here. Trump’s extremely drastic change on every single issue has been rash and rapid. There has been no explanation for it. It’s wrong to compare that change to Reagan’s change. Reagan’s change was gradual. The Democrat Party was not the radical Marxist Party it is today back when Reagan was in it. Reagan spent decades promoting conservative causes and candidates before he became president. Trump’s change seems more self serving. Trump’s change is like his political donations, convenient for him. He says he never backs down but he backed down on every political stance he had. What would stop him from changing again? I think if he won the GOP nomination, he would switch back to leaning Left to win the general. Swagger is great but it isn’t enough. I rarely hear him speak about the Constitution or God. Think about it. – Alexis

Beck & Hannity had a public, very friendly discussion slash respectable debate over Trump. Check it out. Videos are from The Blaze and Fox News. Press the arrow to play.

Great audio:


Fox News Video:

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Beck on Trump – “He’s a progressive”-

( I don’t like Mediaite but the video is there)



More On Why Trump is NOT a conservative, Click here.

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