Carly Fiorina Wants to Lead the Resurgence of A Great Nation

Carly Fiorina Wants to Lead the Resurgence of A Great Nation

Very impressive speech from Carly Fiorina.

A Reagan Forum with Carly Fiorina. From — 7/27/15. This video is from The Reagan Foundation.
Hat tip to “I am your not” for sending it.
Carly starts at 7:30 if you want to skip past the introduction. The speech is about 25 min, then Q & A.
Some of her answers in the Q & A were amazing!


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  2. Nelson Abdullah says:

    A pair of stories recently resurfaced about Carly Fiorina and her praise of and association with Muslims that greatly lowered my esteem for her. It also gave me great disappointment since Carly Fiorina was one of my top 4 choices for the GOP nomination.

    Story 1 quotes a lengthy compliment Carly Fiorina paid to Islamic culture, calling it the greatest civilization in the world, during a speech on Sept. 26, 2001 at a business meeting. The entire speech is still up on Hewlett Packard’s web site. The date is significant being two weeks after 9-11. She ended her lengthy business speech with a long dissertation on how wonderful Islamic civilization used to be.

    Carly Fiorina: Islamic Civilization was “Greatest in the World”

    Story 2 is a 5 year old article from Canada Free Press.
    Fiorina, al-Mansour and the World Economic Forum
    By JB Williams — Bio and Archives June 1, 2010
    snip: “Fiorina sits on other Boards with al-Mansour, such as the African Leadership Academy. Al-Mansour, aka Don Warden, was the man behind the men of the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. He has long held hope for a “black nationalist” president, starting as far back as his relationship with Malcolm X. In fact, X died while speaking at one of al-Mansour’s college campus rallies.”

    “Al-Mansour moved in both Black Nationalist and communist circles throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, including relationships with noted black communist Frank Marshall Davis, and Weather Underground domestic terror leader William Ayers. Fiorina’s name pops up here and there in these circles, dating back to her college years.”

    My list is getting shorter every day and now has been narrowed to Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and a distant Donald Trump.

    • Thanks for commenting Nelson. Donald Trump has things a mile long compared to Fiorina. He’s a New York Leftist. I have an entire category on my site called “Trump is not a conservative.” Take him out too.

      • Nelson Abdullah says:

        I only included Trump as a distant third because he is the only one getting attention to some of the real issues. People like his blunt, no PC talk, and I hope his campaign style catches on with the other candidates.

        I hope someone questions Carly Fiorina about her praising Islam two weeks after those 19 Muslim terrorists attacked America and her close associations with members of the communist party.

    • iamyournot says:

      Sound bites taken out of Carly’s speech to suggest she is somehow kowtowing is a distraction of the truth, simply a political ploy in a feeble effort to discredit Carly, focused on the low info crowd. The U.S.A is a nation of nations which includes millions of Muslim citizens that contribute to our great country. The Ottoman Empire contribution to the known world during their renaissance is well document. Carly made no claim in her speech that wasn’t historical accurate.

      • Nelson Abdullah says:

        Soundbites??? Go to the link and follow it to the HP site and read her full, 410 word long praise of Islam. Her sense of timing heaping that praise was incredibly stupid while the dust of the World Trade Center was still settling. Or are you referring to the story from the Canada Free Press? You could also read the full story there.

  3. iamyournot says:

    The second link you posted is as a Michael Moorish film a very vague attempt to create a story where non exist. I would suggest reading in whole, not in bites and listening the same way. Let Carly speak for herself and don’t let media contrive an illusion of reality, it is all smoke and mirrors. Ted Cruze is a viable candidate and although he might not be my first choice, I do not See the need to try and discredit him to build up another. In the end there can only be one and we must stand united.

    Given the facts of all running Carly & Carson is the ticket iid like to see in 2016.

  4. iamyournot says:

    I like nothing about Ted Cruz, but push come to shove and the choice comes down to Hilary and Cruz, _____________fill in the blank.

  5. iamyournot says:

    To be fair, here’s Ted Cruz speaking at the Reagan Library, Young Republican forum.

  6. Nelson Abdullah says:

    Last night on Twitter there was a short thread about how stubborn so many conservatives seem to be. You may recall how many stayed home on election day in 2012 rather than vote for a Mormon. If you read my Twitter bio you’d know I am a Christian, in spite of my name, so know where this is coming from, but I sparked some controversy by saying: “Some conservatives are so stubborn they wouldn’t vote for Jesus Christ because he wasn’t a Christian.”

    The point is too many conservatives today are looking too hard for the 100% pure candidates and they will never find them. Considering Ronald Reagan’s liberal background and his old allegiance to the Democratic Party, you might find a lot of conservatives who would not vote for him today, either. From a logical standpoint there is nothing wrong with voting for “the lesser of two evils” when one of those two evils is REALLY, REALLY BAD.

    As I study the candidates today I am finding lots of little things about most of them that I don’t like. But if one of them got the GOP nomination I would vote for them against ANY Democrat.

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