Planned Parenthood Needs To Be Shut Down

Planned Parenthood Needs To Be Shut Down

Matt Walsh speaking in Washington D.C.
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  1. Char in ND says:

    Let’s not mince words here. PP is not a ‘medical facility’ – it is a chop shop. There is no other way to describe it. Just as an auto chop shop hacks apart cars and sells the parts for money, so does PP abort babies, hack them apart, then sells the parts for the most money they can get. Instead of grease stains, the chop shop PP butchers’ hands are stained with blood. They appear to be devoid of any conscience whatsoever.

    The videos released by The Center for Medical Progress show us the proof, and stand in stark contradiction to what the PP CEO said – who lied on Sunday talk shows – through her Mengele teeth.

    How can we claim to be a civilized and exceptional nation, superior to those nations where genocide is taking place while in ours infanticide is taking place? People in the future will read about abortion in the history books with abject horror and no ability to comprehend how their ancestors could have been capable of killing their own children inside their own mothers.

  2. iamyournot says:

    Planned Parenthood(loums), such a vile, despicable, murderous organization, operating under the guise of women’s health.

  3. Brittius says:

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