Obama’s next target: The suburbs

Obama’s next target: The suburbs

By Nolan Finley- Via Detroit News-

The president who pledged to transform America has picked his next target in the country’s makeover: the suburbs.

Obama the Utopian hopes to use both the federal Treasury and the federal club to coax Americans into neighborhoods planned by bureaucrats to perfectly reflect the nation’s diversity.

No more rich town, poor town. All towns will be places where everyone lives on the right side of the tracks in blissful harmony without any social barriers to separate them.

That’s the vision of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule announced earlier this month by HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

It is a masterwork of social engineering that will allow the federal government to reshape nearly every neighborhood in the country to assure it has the correct income, racial and ethnic balances.

On paper, it appears fairly innocuous. It authorizes HUD to send local zoning boards reams of data about racial and economic disparity in their communities to help them “proactively” overcome “historic patterns of segregation…and foster inclusive communities for all.”

Communities will get feedback on their schools, transportation systems and racial and socioeconomic make-up to help them determine whether they are fully welcoming to poor people and other classes protected by the Fair Housing Act.

Once the data is compiled and analyzed, the expectation is that communities will take positive action to improve their numbers. And if they don’t? They’ll lose federal housing dollars.

Or worse — they’ll face a lawsuit from a federal government emboldened by the recent Supreme Court ruling on disparate impact, which makes it OK for prosecutors to determine discrimination simply by looking at statistics.

Suburban communities will be coerced to urbanize by plopping “affordable” (read: low income) housing in middle and upper income neighborhoods, and to demand that all residential developments, including luxury projects, contain a percentage of low-rent units.

The intent here is to make every neighborhood “look like America,” the popular buzz phrase for arranging society by racial percentages.

More likely, the rule will make every neighborhood look like Detroit.

The Motor City should have settled the question of whether forced integration works. Its abandonment was accelerated by court-ordered school busing and government efforts to reorder neighborhoods.

Housing is one of the more difficult markets to manipulate for social outcomes. Homeowners always have the option of packing up and moving on when the nature of their communities no longer meets their needs. They won’t be trapped by government mandates in communities where they don’t feel comfortable.

It’s a nice thought that there can be suburbs where $1 million estates sit right next to $800 a month apartments, and everybody gets along just fine. The reality is that efforts to coerce economic diversity in housing almost always end up destroying neighborhoods.

Detroit News



  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. iamyournot says:

    The plan is to level the playing field in America by leveling it.

    • Yeah. It’s scary.

    • Char in ND says:

      That is it, in a nutshell. Very well said!

      • Char, I miss you! What did you think about the debate? I hope you aren’t mad at me. 😦

      • Alexis,
        I just got a notification that you replied here. What is up my friend? I am sorry I have been away for a while, I have had some health issues and am trying to get better. I have been reading as much as I can but I have a lot to catch up on here on your site! I’ve been spending a lot of time with family, my dear cousin who lives in Tiberias was home for a visit. I was absolutely thrilled to learn as much as I could about life in Israel (and work on my rudimentary Hebrew skills :))

        I did see the CNN debate, too. I was quite frustrated that Cruz, Carson & Walker got so little time to speak. Tapper came close to ‘shushing’ Cruz I thought, as he abruptly cut him off at least once.

        I wasn’t as impressed with Carly Fiorina as many people seem to be. Although I am not a Christie fan, I nodded in agreement when he told her she had interrupted everybody on stage. As it turns out she too gave money to Hillary Clinton and some other Democrats. There is something about her I really don’t trust. She’s likeable enough, but…

        I actually thought Chris Christie did well! Yeah, he’s a RINO I know but still had a good stage presence and performance.

        I thought Trump looked almost as though he was on some wacky drugs – those weird facial expressions! As little as I agree with him on, I still think he is far from the worst of the pack.

        I don’t like the formats of these ‘debates’. The moderators seem to want the candidates to get down in the mud and start slinging instead of discussing the issues.

        I am sorry that I was rude to you, Alexis. I feel ashamed and especially sorry if you think I am mad at you. I feel like we are sisters, and I love you truly – my friend. 🙂 Please accept my sincere and humble apology.

      • Hi Char,
        I’m so glad that you stopped by and that you are not mad at me. I was dying to know your take on the CNN debate. Your detailed breakdown was great. I pretty much agreed with you on every single point. I wish they would give Cruz more time to speak. He is my #1 pick. I feel like people who don’t follow politics much haven’t gotten a chance to know him. I truly believe if America hears him speak, they will fall in love with him like they did with Reagan. He is great at delivering the message of the Constitution, liberty and American exceptionalism. I guess that is why I get so angry at Trump because I feel like this should have been the time for Cruz and Trump’s reality star fame is overshadowing it. However, I think things are starting to change now. Trump looks tired and like he is getting bored with this campaigning business. I have been getting fed up with the media and the debate moderators making this about them. We really need the RNC to come up with a better way to make this more about the citizens getting to know the candidates and where they stand on issues. The TV networks shouldn’t use our political process to profit at the expense of the people. Rubio did pretty well also and Bobby Jindal was good in the earlier debate that night. It’s a shame Walker had to drop out. He is a good man. (In my mind I have already eliminated Bush, Christie, Pataki, Graham, Kasich & Gilmore. They merely annoy me at this point.) Other than that, we have a good field, especially compared to the Democrats. They have Sanders, Hillary & Bidden. Really? LOL. Talk about an old tired bunch. They can’t yell at us for being the Party of old white people anymore.

        I’m sorry to hear you had health issues. I hope you are feeling a little better. I love you like a sis too! {{HUGS}}

  3. “No more rich town, poor town.” Except for where the powers that be live. They will always be well off and powerful, like “Animal Farm”.

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