Beck’s Show Tells The Truth On Trump

Beck’s Show Tells The Truth On Trump

I’m glad there are still some people left in the conservative media who can’t be bought off by Trump. Trump’s policy on amnesty is the same as Jeb Bush. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. He is an open border guy just like Jeb! He is not a true conservative in any way. He is a trick. I really hope his money and fame don’t mess up this election for us. Thank you Pat & Stu for not being a celebrity whore and for telling it like it is.

Transcript at link below:


Trump is part of the statist gang. He’s a liberal. He was friends with the Clinton’s and supported Obama. Trump’s policies are similar to Jeb Bush. He’s for open borders. He’s mocking us. He’s making a fool out of us. He is going to use his money and fame to distract us, to drown out the message of guys like Cruz and Paul who have amazing things to say. Trump is a loud mouth, low class man who will NEVER be a statesman like President Ronald Reagan. He’s keeping the news filled with reality show nonsense and gossip so we don’t hear how Obama is nationalizing our suburbs and destroying our republic. Trump has bought off many of our friends in the media. Be careful who you trust.


More Videos On Trump from the Glenn Beck Program:

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More on Trump- Click Here


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