Sabo and other artists Fight the Establishment

Sabo and other artists Fight the Establishment

I didn’t have time to post many CPAC speeches this year but I wanted to post a clip from the artist Sabo because I’m an artist and also because it is the first time he revealed his face. I really like what him and rock princess do on twitter. As conservatives, we have the best message but our movement needs to be edgier, sexier. I’m sick of blue blazers, pearls and corporate lawyers. I want to shake things up the way our founders did! I want to be more rebellious. I like Glenn Beck because he is artsy and quirky. I like Dana and Chris Loesch for their punk rock style. There are hundreds of people on twitter who I could name. I really think moving forward, the people who push the limits and keeps things fresh will be the new leaders in the liberty movement. These are the types of people who will deliver the ideas. I see a good change coming and the fresh faces who will be replacing the old guards have a funkier vibe and I truly believe that is how we are going to crush the establishment. So, cheers to the people who think outside the box! -Alexis Deacon


  1. “Ted Cruz makes Ted Cruz look cool.” Right on. Thanks for posting this.

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