Happy Birthday QueenOfLiberty.com

Happy Birthday QueenOfLiberty.com

This is the second anniversary of this website!

Here is what people are saying about the Queen of Liberty website:

I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful patriots I have met through this site. I love every single one of you. Your emails, website comments and tweets inspire me and give me hope that America will survive. Your friendship means so much to me! I recapped some of the milestones of the past two years in my Christmas post. I want to thank my friends Deborah Kish, Stephen Webber, Marissa Williams, Devon Sanders plus many of my buddies in Maryland and Leesburg who help such a great deal with this site! God bless all of you!

Alexis Deacon




facebook post

levin constitutional issues


Cheers to tomorrow, the first day of year number 3!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I, for one, am SO thankful to God that you are here and so grateful for what you do to keep us up to date! God bless you and the hands that serve Him! Hugs, Rhonda aka nanarhonda

  2. George Rogers Clark says:

    Happy Birthday to Liberty’s Queen and a friend to those who love liberty. May the Lord bless you and yours, Alexis, on this day and the the days to come. You are appreciated.

  3. theidealtwit says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years. It only seems like 24 months.

  4. Char in ND says:

    Happy belated second birthday, Queen of Liberty website! Did I miss the cupcakes and beer? 😉

    Alexis, I love you my sister! Thanks for all you do. You are a blessing and an inspiration.

  5. freedomsdisciple says:

    Congrats Alexis… Honored to be one of the tweets included. Awesome site. Send you lots of love and prayers. God Bless you

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