How to drown out the Lies of Wehner and the Elitists

How to drown out the Lies of Wehner and the Elitists

By Alexis Deacon

The GOP establishment has learned a lesson from the Left: lie. Obama campaigned like a Lincoln or a Reagan, then he governed like a socialist. If big government policies are so great and if America’s electorate has changed so much since Reagan, then why not be proud of your statist beliefs? The Left knows they lie and now the GOP establishment has decided to use this Rules for Radicals technique themselves. They redefine the meaning and definition of conservatism and rewrite the history of Reagan to suit their own agenda. An example would be Karl Rove calling his group the Conservative Victory Party when he is as far from a conservative as it gets. This isn’t cognitive dissonance, it is an out and out lie.

One of the worst offenders of this lying technique is the morally depraved Peter Wehner. For the past year Peter Wehner has made it his mission to smear Sen. Ted Cruz through his incoherent sophomoric column. He consistently preaches that Republicans must accept the New Deal, the Great Society and all the other utopian concepts which have contributed to the decline of America while simultaneously getting over the Reagan era. When it comes to potential candidates he trumps up a false narrative of electability and metrics over principle. This man has no respect or regard for the Constitution, the framers, Judeo-Christian values or the philosophy of enlightenment which this nation was built upon.

Wehner was a minion of the George W. Bush administration and “Dubya” and his gang were much like his Daddy, Bush Sr., who believed in a “kinder, gentler conservatism.” Many of the Bush staffers are working hard to contort Reagan’s message and his legacy. It was Bush’s outlandish spending which scared the nation into forming the Tea Party movement. Bush was never the student of Adam Smith or the admirer of Milton Friedman that Reagan was. Reagan said “keep government on the sidelines” while Bush said “I have abandoned the free market to save it.” These are the two opposite ends of the spectrum which are now warring over the future of the Republican Party.

One of the all time worst pieces which Wehner ever wrote was entitled “If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would be 103 years old” which was brilliantly answered by Jeffrey Lord stating “If Gerald Ford were alive today he would be 101 years old. If Nelson Rockefeller were alive today he would be 106 years old. If Thomas E. Dewey were alive today he would be 112 years old.” Yes, the struggle for the heart of the Republican Party is alive and well. It is an old fight which continues today. It should give us hope that if Reagan, Buckley, Schlafly, Goldwater and other conservatives could takeover the Party from the “fraternal order” in the past, then we can do it again today.

This week Wehner wrote a piece for the New York times pumping up the fraternal member du jour, John Boehner. According to him, Boehner faced an “uprising” and a “revolt.” This is how the Beltway elite describe a few Congress people who are actually trying to represent their constituents by voting against someone who 60% of the Republican voters are disappointed in. A new Congress voting for a new Speaker isn’t a revolt, Mr. Wehner, it is how our Constitutional system operates, not that you have any regard for the law or our founding documents. Wehner then rambles on for what seems like an eternity with his new squishy twisted definition of conservatism, blatantly showing his ignorance. There’s a complete disconnect between guys like Wehner who live and think within the bubble of the Washington D.C. media and the average Joe who is a Republican voter. Wehner speaks on temperament and disposition as a virtue as if passion and righteous indignation were a vice. Is he unaware of what extreme dangers lie before our Republic? We are well past the point when screaming and shouting should have occurred and the silence is frightening. We have seen this silence too many times during the worst periods of history and we look back shocked proclaiming “Why didn’t somebody do something to prevent this madness?” Now we find our generation at this point in time about to let the greatest nation in the history of the world fall off a cliff into darkness. The extinction of liberty is not something to be tone deaf over and it is not the time for magnanimity and grace. Now is the time to dig deep down, find out what your character is made of and fight like hell. Now is the time to remind yourself of the men in Washington’s army who fought with bloody feet in the snow and to ask yourself if you have what it takes to endure what they went through to keep the flame of liberty, which they started, alive and well. This isn’t the etiquette portion of a beauty pageant, as Wehner kids himself. This is the fight for our children’s freedom. This is the moment we have to decide if future generations will live under the torture that is tyranny.

If we want a conservative president elected in 2016 like a Cruz, Walker, Lee, Paul or Pence then “we the people” need to make our voices heard louder than this so called “conservative media” which is run by people like Pete Wehner, Karl Rove, Jennifer Rubin and Michael Gerson. What is the solution? We need to realize we are fighting two wars, one against the Left and the other against the GOP establishment. We need to do what the late great Andrew Breitbart advised. We need to become the new media and harness the power of the Internet and social media. Make your voice heard so loud you will drown out the Wehners of the world. Constitutional conservatives outnumber these cocktail club elite types. Takeover the Party. Citizens can start a blog or write a column for another person’s site.( I would love to publish columns on this site, right here, by people outside of the beltway.) Many of the little do- it -yourself -Internet radio shows which have sprung up over the last few years are more interesting than the million dollar national shows. The people are becoming the media and eventually the higher forms of media will get the hint to conform or they will become antiquated. Citizens should continue speaking out to your friends, families and neighbors. The people who run many of the big named news sites need to make it easier for the people in the grassroots to get their voices heard. Maybe they could devote a section of their website where people in the trenches could write blogs and communicate on a larger level. People in the conservative media should allow the people to speak instead of ignoring, and looking down their noses at the American people as if they were the unclean hillbilly masses. It takes more than senior research fellows to make a country succeed . The people in the field get sick of only hearing from Congressional and Whitehouse staffers, therefore, offer fresh opinions. How often do we get to hear from the people who make America work? The teacher, the fireman, the electrician, the banker, the businessman? Not very often. I for one would love to hear from the people who “do” rather than the people who merely “study”- if you get my drift. If you are in the conservative media, be a mentor. Do everything you can to promote and teach other people who are passionate about freedom and the founding of this nation. Over the past decade I have met hundreds of people who wanted to play for the conservative team but they were rejected so many times they began to feel unneeded and many of them quit. If you are in the position to be a coach, put these people in the game, get them off the bench and give them encouragement. Guys like Wehner and the Bush staffers see us as malcontents and rebels. They think we should sit down and shut up. Let them know that is NOT going to happen!






  1. A. J. Mayton says:

    The Bushies are the worst breed of the rino species.

  2. Char in ND says:

    Alexis – just when I feel like giving up, you come up with another brilliant piece! Absolutely outstanding!

    Wehner the Weasel deserves a punch in the face, along with a few others. My Congressman referred to the votes against Boehner as “a coup” attempt, nice little deceptive catchphrase.

    I say we fight ’em with all we have!

    • Thanks girl! If you ever get down in the dumps, stop by here & we will cheer each other up.

      “Coup?” These people are unbelievable sometimes!

      Keep fighting! Happy New Year & don’t let the turkeys get you down! 🙂

  3. Good job Alexis

  4. TY-very well written and cuts to the chase.

  5. You have great ideas and solutions. The last two paragraphs choked me up. I want to pitch in to save the country but I do feel hopeless. This inspired me to try harder and do more.

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