Jewish Girl Critical After Palestinian Firebomb Attack-Silent Intifada

Jewish Girl Critical After Palestinian Firebomb Attack-Silent Intifada

via Israel Today
Western media and even some politicians have in the past described stone-throwing and the hurling Molotov cocktails (firebombs) by Palestinians as “peaceful protest.” But a number of incidents over the past several years have demonstrated that stones and firebombs can kill just as easily as bullets, especially when targeting Jewish vehicles traveling on local highways.

That’s what happened on Thursday evening, when Palestinian assailants lobbed a firebomb at the car of Avner Shapira, who was driving home to the Jerusalem-area community of Ma’aleh Shomron with his 11-year-old daughter, Ayala.

Both father and daughter were injured in the attack. Ayala suffered third degree burns over most of her body and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma as doctors worked frantically to save her life.

By Friday afternoon, Ayala had reportedly improved slightly after doctors managed to open a small airway through her severely burned throat.

Earlier on Friday morning, a knife-wielding Palestinian Muslim stabbed two Israeli police officers following Islamic prayer services atop the Temple Mount. The assailant managed to flee the scene after stabbing one officer in the neck and the other in the hand. Both victims were listed in light condition.

These two incidents are in addition to the numerous rock, firebomb and other physical assaults against Jews in and around Jerusalem that did not result in injury, and where therefore not widely reported.

Local residents continue to speak of a “Silent Intifada,” a wave of low-profile terrorist violence that has the city’s Jewish inhabitants increasingly on edge

Israel Today



  1. Char in ND says:

    It would be bad enough if these events were anomalies, but they are not – in Israel. These people have been on the front lines fighting terrorists for decades. The IDF certainly has been and does an outstanding job of protecting the citizens, but the elderly, the middle aged and the children are warriors as well. It is amazing and humbling to think about all they have had to endure, yet they prosper and dwell and live full lives. The Jews, the Christians, the secularists all have one safe haven in the Middle East, and that is in Israel, alone.

    I know there are strong warriors there, countless many whose stories we never hear. Yet they built and continue to build a civil society despite all of the hostilities and threats directed at them. I love people who fight for what they believe in, and Israel is blessed at this time in history to have a leader in Benjamin Netanyahu who believes in the nation and its people.

    I feel the same about our troops, our soldiers, who have been sent all over the world to fight, to secure, to provide support. I feel so bad that at this time in our history we have not a leader that will stand by, stand up for and support our allies, let alone our troops. We have a narcissist in chief who cannot even get his ass off the golf course for a single day in order to allow two people that love each other, who also happen to serve to secure this nation, a wedding day they have planned and looked forward to for some time. If he cannot respect and honor them, why on earth would we expect he would honor an ally. Israel must be saddened, perhaps even angry that Obama wants to normalize relationships with our mutual enemy, Iran, and wants to legitimize a terrorist regime that supports Hezbollah, Hamas, etal whose goal it is to destroy Israel and the US. I am sure they are equally disappointed knowing that Iran also was behind the killing of many of our troops in Afghanistan with their support of the Taliban.

    I know why there will never be peace in the Middle East, it’s no secret. The devil knows where the final battle will be fought, and so do his minions. Jerusalem is what they are after, it always has been. They are all positioning themselves to gather on that field in Tel Megiddo before they make the march to Jerusalem, but they won’t win.

    Hold strong, Israel.

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