Christmas Message 1984

Christmas Message 1984

US Constitution - We The People

Christmas 1984:
Reagan was president,
There was no war on God and no war on Christmas
you could speak about the baby Jesus and God’s love on TV
No worries about political correctness.
Times were so different…
This should make you nostalgic
Love still heals & there is still hope for the future! Don’t ever let the Left drown that message out.
Merry Christmas!
Alexis Deacon


  1. I remember well, I heard someone say the other day love is the absents of evil.
    Merry Christmas folks, be kind this season and watch your life change.

  2. I am confident we will be there yet again. I know God won’t let us down. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  3. The greatest gift I have ever received is knowing Jesus Christ. It is a gift that keeps giving and is one you can share.

  4. Very well said, AD! Merry Christmas everyone!

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