D.C. is putting coal in our Christmas stockings. (Except they hate the coal industry too!)

D.C. is putting coal in our Christmas stockings. (Except they hate the coal industry too!)

By Alexis Deacon

Obama’s lawless executive actions will now be very well funded. DC refuses to hear “we the people” and it’s so frustrating. D.C. is putting coal in our Christmas stockings. (Except they hate the coal industry too!) Once again this week’s spending bill was drafted in secrecy and the American people will have less than two days to review the 1,600 page monster before it is voted on.

The Omnibus bill speeds up amnesty instead of defunding it and it is loaded with pork! Obama is hiring 1,000 new DHS employees for his illegal executive amnesty. They are giving $1billion to HHS for illegal immigrants from Central America who are already here. Plus $260 million in aid is going to Central America to reward them for sending people here in the first place. Don’t think the new GOP congress will behave any differently. They have absolutely zero intension of fighting amnesty. Excuse the language but they are bought and paid for like whores. February is months away. Obama will have already made tremendous progress with his illegal executive order if we wait that long.

The Omnibus bill is granting long term funding for all of Obama’s executive agencies. The EPA will receive funding so it may begin unlawfully regulating our private property. The federal government has also begun to go through the same nefarious motions which caused the last housing bubble and all of the housing agencies will be funded.

Senators Cruz and Lee sent a confrontational letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that warned they will object to swift consideration of any non-emergency legislation during the lame duck period. Senator Cruz asked them to pass a spending bill that ends next year to prevent consideration of a new spending bill during the lame duck and as usual he was ignored.

The media tries to scare the citizenry with a government shutdown but what actually happens is only a very partial shutdown. All essential operations remain open. It is a very powerful tool which the GOP should use to thwart Obama and his Marxist agenda whenever necessary. It has been used quite successfully throughout American history. The people overwhelmingly voted Republican because they want the power of the purse and all of these tools to be used to stop the fundamental transformation of America.

Our debt is unsustainable. Quantitative easing will eventually collapse the dollar. The GOP establishment keeps kicking the can down the road. They are always willing to fight Obama or fix our problems next time but next time never comes. They continue to break all of their campaign promises and “we the people” have had enough. Regardless of which Party is in power, our representatives refuse to read the bills they pass and the spending never ends.


  1. marblenecltr says:

    A money saving idea to solve our non-broken immigration problem. Give $1 million to any illegal here who will take. The deal has to include an agreement to return home with family and never return to the United States. That money would be used for the benefit of the recipient’s family and home community, and it would be better spent than our continual, never-ending buyout of tyrants. Sure, there will still have to be some financial support of “allies”, but at less cost. Part of our savings would be needed for actual use of Border Patrol and assignment of DHS to the functions for which it was created. Oh, I forgot! That would impede the implementation of Agenda 21 and possibly prevent tyranny/governance over all by a very few.

  2. They are whores, serving a master that is not their constituents. You are right, they won’t – and have no intention of doing – anything about amnesty for illegal aliens because their masters want it, too. They funded Obamacare fully, they want that, too. The establishment Republicans had this planned, they wanted to do it just in case there might be some crazy renegades being sworn into office in January that they could not control – so now anyone who was newly elected with intentions to serve honorably will have their hands tied, won’t they.

    How they must be laughing at all of us who were hopeful and somewhat thrilled about the results of the November 2014 elections. What is the lesser of two evils, the honest enemy or the dishonest ally. I think the left at least, is forthright about their intentions. Can’t say that about the RINOs.

    Some people say we have time, and it will just take a few more election cycles to get our country back. We don’t HAVE any more election cycles. I think it is important to stand your ground and act in the best interest of your family, friends and neighbors. It’s what the Founders did, and if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

    • marblenecltr says:

      Even if you are right, we must follow your advice of your last two sentences and live as if you are wrong.

    • “Now anyone who was newly elected with intentions to serve honorably will have their hands tied, won’t they.” <-That's a good point Char! You are right about these politicians treating us like utter fools. Everyone is really furious with D.C.!
      I think the citizens have hit a breaking point. We should all be in DC with torches and pitchforks. I think between what Congress is doing and paired with all of these Marxist rallies which include anti-American and anti- white rhetoric, the people are completely fed up. I see some positives out of all of this however. There is a great groundswell of support for the convention of states and people are beginning to get pumped up about Cruz running for president. Maybe we can all transform our anger into positive actions.


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