Reagan’s Farewell Speech

Reagan’s Farewell Speech

Reagan’s Farewell Speech



  1. President Ronald Reagan was one of the only things coming from California which was good, wholesome and honest. Farewell, Mr. President and God bless you and these United States.

  2. I pray our new Republican Congress will take heart at his achievements. We need a Ronald Reagan now and for the times to come.

  3. I will be sending some of my subscribers here to see this on Monday. Thanks, Alexis. Ronald Reagan is my hero, too.

  4. Ronald Reagan was American, through and through. He believed in this country, he lived it and he loved it.

    There may a lot of ‘Reagans’ out there, in spirit and in deed. I see some on this website often. Reagan’s legacy is ours to continue and build upon, and we must for if we do not carry that torch, all that we hold so dear will be lost. His words about teaching our nation’s history should serve as a warning, it seems these days that history is not taught and in many cases, is distorted or revised to serve political purposes.

    He was a great communicator and very likeable but it was the content of the message on which he spoke and stood for – American values – that resonates the most for me today and always will. His faith in the American people was evident, his belief in our possibilities was boundless. Had he been born in an earlier time I truly believe he would have stood firmly with our Founders and his legacy proves that His gift was inspiration that will encourage and enlighten future patriots that this nation truly needs.

    Thanks for posting this wonderful video, Alexis.

    • Your words are beautiful. Thank you so much Char.

      • Thank you, Alexis. I should have proofread that, I left out a word (be) in the 2nd paragraph and left out punctuation in the 3rd -meant to insert a period between that and His. (Now that I re-read it, someone may think I believe Reagan was God!) 🙂

        I miss Reagan greatly. Funny how that is – after time goes on, you’d think it would grow weaker, but it doesn’t. The fondness grows stronger, as does the respect Then as I said, his gift was passed on. Patriots are all around us. I am thankful that you have gathered many here on this website. Inspiration is a gift, and you have it.

      • People leave ripples like a rock in a pond. We are the Reagan youth. I wonder how many conservative leaders today were influenced by Reagan. There are so many well known names that I can think of. His legacy is endless. His life really made an impact. Obama is the antithesis of Reagan. Obama is the most divisive president in history.

  5. Even in his farewell speech he said so much more than any other president that came after. Ronald Reagan is one of our greatest presidents and Americans. Even if we can be half as great as he was in office and in life, we will have accomplished something.

  6. Imagine -IF- Ronald Reagan never was…………….just try to imagine where the USA would be today, hence the world.
    Imagine -IF- Abraham Lincoln didn’t believe in “saving the Union”………who could have saved the world from itself over the next 150-yrs?
    Imagine -IF- the USA never was with it’s documents of Liberty, freedom, property, rule of law+justice placed “with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” ~!

    • Thank God our country had great patriots throughout its history. God bless you! Thanks for stopping by.

      • Well Queen of Liberty I was just drivin by thot I’d stop to say Hi!
        Found this post hidden in a file didn’t know I had, I do remember tho!
        It sure is a nice gaggle of Repubs+Conserves running this time w/a few RINO’s.
        Guess they figured if inexperienced commies can get in why not go for it…

        One can always share Reagan’s- “Rendevous With Destiny” speech w/folks to intro him!
        He wasn’t even in politics then but they say that’s when folks head him speak saying you
        should run for Governor of California.
        I felt compelled to go to his funeral in 04, must of been millions to see him off, almost seemed like Lincoln or a Founding Father to me. That day was a real celebration of his life and what he truly meant to America, it was like all family we all loved him!

        On the way there I heard both Dan Rather and Peter Jennings on C-SPAN radio say- “Isn’t enough about Reagan already”. His body was even at that hour being flown from California to DC to lie in state at the capitol rotunda, and these two loser-Lefties couldn’t get over the loving outreach of America for this man. I just shook my head at the fools.

        I think he’d be proud of 1/2 this crop, esp Cruz, Walker, Jindal and Fiorino. Not to forget Rubio and Paul, but don’t think they are ready yet and Perry is just too nice too deal with the hyena’s in DC. Trump could be a hot-phone adviser on many WH need to know situations but being a private king he’d be at odds with the ner’do-wells all the time.

        I write sometimes for Daily Tea, also post and seem to war with commie trolls on Wild Bills site.
        Guess we’ll see what develops, but if Killary gets in I’m headin for Alaska to live out my day’s ~!

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