Republican Businessman Larry Hogan Wins In Dark Blue Maryland

Republican Businessman Larry Hogan Wins In Dark Blue Maryland

Republican businessman Larry Hogan pulled off a stunning upset in heavily Democratic Maryland on Tuesday, winning the governor’s race against Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown by relentlessly promising to roll back tax increases and chart a new direction for the state.”


  1. Joe Goldner says:

    A great night for America and the American people. Now lets get back to our founding principles and make this country great again for everyone.

  2. Char in ND says:

    Awesome news – way to go, Maryland! I bet you are thrilled, Alexis. I don’t know which outcome surprised me more, this one or Illinois electing Republican Bruce Rauner for Governor.

    I hope these Republicans get back to our founding principles, too as Joe stated above. Repeal of Obamacare would be at the top of my list, getting rid of those burdensome regulations that are smothering businesses, clean up the fraud, waste & abuse of the ‘social’ programs, enforce our immigration laws and absolutely allow no amnesty for any illegal aliens. Just a partial wish list. 🙂

    I hope you celebrated with a steak and nice glass of wine, Alexis!

    • Hi Char,
      There were many shocking and pleasant events last night. I say ditto to your wish list.

      I actually did have an Outback Steak. No wine, just ice water. What did you do to celebrate? I asked everybody on twitter last night what they were eating and drinking and what election coverage they were watching. The responses were interesting!
      I guess we will be smiling all day today!

      • Char in ND says:

        I picked up some fried chicken (took a page out of Michelle Obama’s voter reward playbook!) and cornbread, made a nice salad and spent the evening at home with Jack, my 13 year old dog. I watched the returns come in, somewhat mixed reaction. I know of those who sit on the throne in DC on the Republican side and I have not much confidence or faith in those people. I truly pray and hope that those who were elected for the first time will keep the promises they made to the voters who elected them.

        I think it will come down to the States, as you mentioned last evening. What is in DC is so corrupt, it will take the State legislators to turn this around. I am hopeful they will do it. The people gave the States the go-ahead, the mandate. This is a good outcome and we desperately needed one if we have any hope of preserving what is left of this country, and then restoring this nation according to the treasure that is the Constitution of the greatest nation that has ever been on this earth.

      • I hope you used extra Ketchup to make the first lady mad. You were only supposed to have fried chicken if you voted Democrat. You are a bad girl. Conservatives aren’t allowed to have treats. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Michelle. It is our little secret. The states are what I am most happy about. Federalism gives me hope. Maybe we can save our country from the bottom up and escape this cloud of tyranny. Give Jack a hug for me!

      • Char in ND says:

        Hey thanks for not turning me in to the Dietician in Chief. Whew. She’s one of the last people I’d like to hear from.
        I’m feeling good about the results in the states, too. DC, wait and see.
        I did hug Jack for you. He wagged his tail. He’s 90 pounds of love and the girls do like him. 🙂

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