Please Support Andy Harris! Honorable Man & True Conservative

Please Support Andy Harris! Honorable Man & True Conservative

Andy Harris does not want to be famous.
Andy Harris does not want to be a talk radio rock star.
Andy Harris does not want to be a best selling author.
He never gets superstar endorsements nor does he have highbrow fundraisers.
He’s not using his political career to jumpstart a career on Fox News as a pundit!
No, Andy Harris is a down to Earth guy with conservative values who actually cares about the people in Maryland. He is completely ignored by Fox, radio and all other media outlets who keep promoting all the candidates who are jerks and not classy human beings. Therefore, the grassroots needs to work harder for Andy. Please spread the word. Unlike others, who shall remain nameless, Andy Harris is humble. On Conservative review, every member of Congress in Maryland gets an “F” except for Dr. Harris. I live in Virginia now but I still love Maryland. To all my citizen friends out there, please donate to him, promote him and most importantly vote for him! Thank you! -Alexis

By Brian Kuebler Via ABC and WMAR

BALTIMORE – For the first time in his political career U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) will be going it alone.

It hasn’t even been two months since his wife Sylvia unexpectedly passed away, a challenge much greater than any political one, but one he says his family is helping to meet.

“They are fully supportive of me staying in and doing all the things I’ve done before, a little bit differently of course, you don’t have your wife behind you to do it, but the rest of my family is 100 percent behind me.”

And this time, Harris is running on more of an international platform.

Once building his campaign on domestic issues, recent overseas threats had him change course, a message he says is resonating with constituents throughout the district.

“I think it actually changed. I think if you asked me the question three or four months ago it would have been the economy, jobs. I think now a lot of people are worrying about ISIS, worrying about Ebola, more security issues now.”

For example, Harris is in favor of a travel ban to snuff out what some may view as the threat of an Ebola outbreak.

Without preventing those people from traveling here from West Africa, the two-term congressman said on In Focus last week, he would be worried.

But one of the issues most voters identify with is the dysfunction between parties in congress; an issue Harris believes is only months away from being solved.

“I think it gets easier again when Congress gets unified and then it is Congress dealing with the president because in the past, that has worked. Again, when Bill Clinton was president, when George Bush was president, he had a Congress of a different party. They would reach out to the legislature and work with the legislature so I think that solves some of the problems. First unifying congress, then getting the president on board.”

But Harris’ definition of unifying Congress is waiting for a Republican controlled house and senate, something he thinks will happen on Nov. 4, but it’s that hardline party thinking his opponent says made congress dysfunctional in the first place.

“I think he is less interested in representing the first district than he is in playing the political game in Washington,” said Bill Tilghman, the Eastern Shore Democrat running against Harris.

An attorney and businessman from Centreville, Tilghman came out of retirement to run against Harris because he was frustrated by the inaction in Congress.

The centrist Democrat hopes to raise the civility in Washington.

“If you sit down across the table from somebody and you say I am open for business,” Tilghman said. “I might be a little different from you on certain things but I am open for business and I am looking you in the eye, tell me what is on your mind…that changes the mood and we need the politics of respect.”

The best of both parties he calls it, a message Tilghman says has resonated the most as he’s campaigned in District 1.

While battling against the name recognition of Harris, the Democrat says his polls show the number of independents spiking in the district and many are breaking for him.

Tilghman is playing it straight down the middle also willing to tweak the ACA and hoping to create jobs through investing in much needed infrastructure, but he is out-billed by Harris and the Democratic Party isn’t exactly opening the money spigot.

Tilghaman’s is a grass roots message, one of civility and respect in government that he feels is striking a very common chord.

“I think there is a sense of urgency about this, certainly that I see in the first district and I can’t imagine I am much different than anywhere else in the country,” he said. “People are fed up with it.”

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  1. Darlene Unsett says:

    Right on. He’s got my number. I worry about Ises, Ebola and many of the issues Andy mentions. I think it’s time for an honest politician who really cares about the things that affect me. the more I learn about Andy Harris I feel like he’s genuine, and will do what he promises.

  2. It is very rare it seems in today’s world to find a person running for any office that is not into the media. This is great to see a man that is truly looking to make a difference and not do it with all the glitter and glam that I see everywhere else.

    I am so tired of hearing all the fake stories and the fake promises that these people are going to bring to my community and country only to find out they say this crap to get their name in the spotlight. OR, the other big thing is to slam their opponent and try to make a name for themselves in that manner.

    I just want an honorable man such as Andy Harris that wants to actually do the job and make a true change. Why is that so hard?

  3. I have to agree with Janet. I have been watching the TV and these politicians out there are so full of themselves. Can you really trust any of them anymore?

    What I have read on Andy Harris has really stuck with me and has hit me in the heart. That makes a huge difference in my eyes because when you see the other candidates it just doesn’t feel right. Andy has that look and it just feels right because you feel it in your heart. Does that make sense?

  4. Everyone is spot on in their comments. I have been a supporter of Andy Harris for a while and I have never been disappointed in any of his actions. For example the current Ebola situation, Andy is stepping up to the plate and telling it like it is: We need a travel ban! I totally agree with this plan and support him 100%

    I feel Andy Harris would get right to work and take care of business that needs to be taken care of, no beating around the bush or trying to make things look pretty. Everybody needs to get out there and vote and vote for Andy Harris!

  5. Andy Harris is truly all about our country. His platform is based on real values and he seems like he is always true to his word. Harris is the kind of guy that we should all get behind and make that push he needs to make the changes this country needs

  6. tina parsons says:

    Why doesn’t Harris get any airplay? He is one of the best candidates running and it seems like the media has already chosen for us by pushing the worst possible candidates down our throats.

  7. Harris Fan says:

    Your message was heard loud and clear Alexis! I am spreading the word this weekend to al of my Twitter followers and I will retweet it as many times as it takes to get everyone to hear about this great man and what he can do for our country.

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