Rino News-> Kevin McCarthy Has Some Soggy White Bread for You

Rino News-> Kevin McCarthy Has Some Soggy White Bread for You

Thank God for guys like Daniel Horowitz who bring us the truth about what is going on inside the beltway!- Alexis

Kevin McCarthy Has Some Soggy White Bread for You



By: Daniel Horowitz Via Conservative Review-

With less than two weeks to go before the big election day, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has sent out a preview of the House agenda for next year. If not for the fact that multiple media outlets picked up on his memo to House Republicans, it would be easy to mistake it for a Halloween spoof or a Saturday Night Live parody.

We are living through a time of upheaval with Obama fundamentally remaking America. We have Obamacare, open borders and a dangerously insecure visa system, global Jihad, and infectious diseases, seeping into our country.

On the economic front, we have crushing energy regulations that raise the cost of living and destroy jobs. We have the threat of an Internet sales tax. We have a president who has accumulated more debt than any president in our history.

We have the complete collapse of federalism with unelected judges violating states’ rights and religious liberty.

Most scandalously, we have a president that is promising to remake America through endless executive orders, most prominently, through remaking our immigration system.

And yet the sum total of the McCarthy agenda is “making government work again.” His most potent proposals are limiting the number of agency reports that Congress must read and look into tacking on regulatory reforms to all bills that authorize new regulations! And adding insult to injury, he cites the 2012 highway bill as a paradigm for success and future initiatives, even though it added to the deficit and contained numerous policy and process problems.

No mention of immigration; no mention of repealing Obamacare through budget reconciliation; no mention of reversing Obama’s wrongheaded policies with fighting ISIS and Ebola. No mention of using the power of the purse to stop Obama’s executive orders. No mention of passing legislation to protect religious liberty against the sexual identity mafia. Instead, McCarthy is on a crusade to make the bureaucracies work more efficiently with notional and intangible policy solutions.

Ironically, the only way you can ensure that the agencies work efficiently is by wielding the power of the purse over them – something McCarthy is clearly scared to do.

Where is the bold vision? Where is the Morning in America come November 6?

But therein lies the acute division between the two branches of the Republican Party – laid bare before the eyes of the public. The vision of the party elite has always been the same. It is a vision of avoiding anything consequential. It is a vision of holding the ball and running out the clock so as to preserve their power without taking any risks, even on popular proposals that will anger the Democrats.

In light of this cloddish memo, it is even more perfidious the fact that the House conference plans to hold leadership elections and adopt the rules for next Congress within a week of the new incoming freshmen winning election. These people, many of whom are citizen candidates unfamiliar with Washington, are still picking out their new D.C. apartments and trying to orient themselves to their surroundings. Yet they are given hardly any time to evaluate the leadership of their party, they will be shepherded into a room where they will conduct a kangaroo court-style election and adoption of the rules before these freshmen get a chance to mobilize and offer input.

These incoming freshmen (at least the conservatives) ran on stopping Obama’s executive orders and amnesty. They ran on repealing Obamacare through the budget process. They ran on protecting religious liberty. They ran on the notion that they would serve as the bulwark against Obama’s most dangerous years in office. They deserve a choice, not an echo. They deserve an opportunity to push for alternative leaders and ideas that will reflect the desires of those who elected them.

Obama and the Democrats are so unpopular that it appears the GOP is headed for a victory in 12 days whether they run on red meat or soggy Wonder bread. But come November 6, the new members and those who elected them deserve leadership that will actually confront those who are reshaping our form of government, not work with them to help preserve it.

Conservative Review



  1. Char in ND says:

    This is an excellent piece. McCarthy is exactly what I expected, no surprise there. Hopefully the newcomers will hold fast to their convictions and to what the expectations are of those who voted them into office in the first place. The smart ones will have already evaluated the leadership (or shall I say lack thereof)! I’d suggest they make a beeline to Louie Gohmert’s office asap, that would be an excellent start – what a mentor he would be. One thing is for certain, America needs to change course and soon, or it is over for our republic.


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    Rino News-> Kevin McCarthy Has Some Soggy White Bread for You – Queen Of Liberty™

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    Rino News-> Kevin McCarthy Has Some Soggy White Bread for You – Queen Of Liberty™

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