The Story of “White Privilege” That Never Gets Told

The Story of “White Privilege” That Never Gets Told

The Left has been pushing hard to get the “white privilege” message out especially in the colleges where they indoctrinate our children. There has been an ongoing attempt to make young white Americans feel guilty about their heritage. They also try to make men feel guilty for their sex and to make Americans in general feel guilty about the history of America. This video is the other side of “white privilege.” The media blows up situations like Ferguson while simultaneously sweeping black on white crime under the rug. The Marxist media always has an agenda. The bottom line is the Left is wrong when they categorize us into groups based on race, creed or sex. Being an American is about being a unique individual and standing for individual rights and individual sovereignty. We all have the right to be proud of our heritage but we need to move past race baiting and start seeing each other as individuals and promoting that message.
Video from Ultra Violet. Press the arrow to play

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  1. Char in ND says:

    This video is excellent. The left is still working this angle, playing that card – they always play that card. When the DOJ officials went to Ferguson, it wasn’t just to conduct an investigation on what they deemed possible civil rights violations. They were there to indoctrinate citizens on the subject of “white privilege.” They are using this phrase to incite riots and protestors, to encourage anarchy and create even more victims. The victims are those who fall prey to an ideology that encourages mob mentality and discourages individuality and freedom of being.

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