So funny! Ebola song or as Obama says it Eboli

So funny! Ebola song or as Obama says it Eboli

I can’t stop laughing. Okay, I feel guilty laughing over something so horrible but it’s more about laughing over how the Left is handling this. (because if you didn’t laugh, you would cry) From Glenn Beck & The Blaze. Not as funny as Obama in pee-pee, which had to be the funniest moment in talk radio , but still good.


Keep away from eyes that bleed.
Don’t lick vomit off the street.
And I know you don’t want to die,
So slowly back away from that infected guy.
Staying Ebola free. Staying Ebola free
Don’t eat that raw meat and see,
We’ll be Ebola free.
Keep away from those sweaty sheets,
Keep away from this charge that secretes.
And if you want to calm your fear,
put down that glass of diarrhea.
Staying Ebola-free. Staying Ebola-free
Don’t touch other’s poop and pee
Be Ebola-free
Just wash your hands, and you will see,
We can be Ebola-free



More fun!- Obama pronounces Ebola as Eboli


  1. Char in ND says:

    Now I know I won’t get the Eboli. I just have to stay away from that glass of diarrhea. I busted out loud at the ‘Don’t touch other’s poop and pee’ line.

    I had a rough day. I needed this. Thanks Alexis! 🙂

  2. boocatbutterbee says:

    You forgot to tell them, “Don’t eat apes, monkies or pygmies.”
    Now we’re safe.

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