They Can’t Stop Talk Radio

They Can’t Stop Talk Radio

As many of you know there has been an ongoing campaign on social media to target the advertisers who sponsor talk radio, especial Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s advertisers. On twitter the people who try to target Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors use the hash tag #StopRush. (as if they could stop him) Recently the Daily Caller and Rush Limbaugh himself exposed some of the people behind this devious little campaign. The handful of morally bankrupt intellectual bottom feeders behind #StopRush don’t even see the cognitive dissonance of using hate to try to make Rush appear hateful. They are blind to the fallacy of their plan.

All over America, constitutional conservatives are always asking “What can we do to help the country.?” I would like to suggest one of the things you could do is put a little effort in to supporting talk radio. Talk radio continues to educate listeners daily for free. It gives conservatives out in the field an edge when they debate people. Talk radio has even converted many moderates or Democrats to our way of thinking. The message of liberty is the best message around and the more people who hear it and understand it, the more people will see it makes total sense. How can you help keep talk radio on the air? When you hear ads on talk radio, if it’s a product you need, then use that company and tell them when you make your purchase you heard about them on talk radio. Be specific if you remember which show. The Left has compiled a list of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers and they try to get people to harass these advertisers until they stop advertising on his show. We can do the opposite. Use the same list which is posted below and contact the company via email, twitter or facebook, be really polite and thank them for sponsoring Rush. Tell them you appreciate it and you will be more likely to buy from their business in the future because they sponsor talk radio. Let’s be positive and beat the Left at their own game!

Click here for a List of Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers.


Alexis Deacon


  1. George Rogers Clark says:


    Woohoo! Best idea yet. Turn the tables on the rascals.

    I still occasionally share Queen of Liberty with my subscribers at Our Daily Tea. I will definitely post a link to “They Can’t Stop Talk Radio.”

    Thank you.

    • Hi George! It is good to hear from you again. Thank you for linking to my site. I appreciate it.

      Glad you liked the idea. Talk radio is the only media conservatives really have and we should try to protect it. Even Fox News is little “Rino-ish” to me with all the Karl Rove appearances.

  2. God bless you. Keep up the great work! Your work is way beyond “good”. Paul

  3. Great idea! This is why I love you Alexis!

  4. Ugh, the Left. I am even thankful I am not left handed. Please don’t get me started on the Left. So with that let me talk about “They can’t stop Talk Radio”….

    This is awesome! I love the fact of using the same list and buying their products and making sure they know we heard their ad on Talk Radio. HAH! “Thank you for sponsoring Rush”. That is a great thing to do and I am all for it. For people to think they can stop Talk Radio, that only shows how ignorant they really are…sorry if that sounds rude but REALLY? Let’s get real here..(Miss you Joan!)

  5. Hildy Rossiter says:

    Using hate to make someone else appear hateful . . . hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? Unfortunately this tactic puts you in the position of looking worse than the guy you’re trying to discredit. While I fully support everyone’s right to disagree with anyone else, there are good and bad ways to go about swaying people’s opinion. I like your idea of positive action. Get in touch with people who advertise on talk radio and tell why you’re buying their product. Positives methods make positive changes. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. kyle brenner says:

    Maybe I am completely out of the loop, but why are they trying to stop talk radio? I understand the reasoning behind it, but doesn’t it show the opponents of talk radio and weak or scared of the message that Rush and others have for our country?

  7. susan loftner says:

    As long as the airwaves are left untouched, talk radio will be around for many more years to come and it will always provide us with new opinions, new facts and the desire to learn and think for ourselves.

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