Ted Cruz Rocks The House at the Values Voter Summit

Ted Cruz Rocks The House at the Values Voter Summit

Ted Cruz Rocks The House at the Values Voter Summit

joy comes in the morning Psalm 30:5


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Alexis. What a wonderful speech by our next president!

    Mr. Cruz spoke with true conviction – honestly and openly about his faith – I loved his testimony. Cruz is exactly right about God’s grace, whether we face personal persecution or attacks from the leftists on our nation’s founding principles, God is indeed present in the darkest corners and His providential blessings have been showered upon this nation from the onset. Mr. Cruz is unafraid to spell out the many ways the left is attacking our liberties, which he so rightly said are not rights from government but come from God! He is so dead on that there is a vacuum of leadership in the White House and that in the midterm elections, Harry Reid needs to go as Majority Leader. I don’t want to see Mitch McConnell become Majority Leader, though and I am sure Senator Cruz does not either.

    In this speech Senator Cruz mentioned he would like to see Hillary Clinton debate the Little Sisters of the Poor – wouldn’t that be a great pay per view fundraiser for the sisters. 😉

    This man is a true leader that this nation desperately needs. He is spirited, intelligent, patriotic and a man of faith and purpose. He said towards the end that what is needed to turn this country around is to offer choices not an echo. So many establishment Republicans are an echo chamber of the Democrat ideas, they are reactive and leave the principles behind.

    God bless you Senator Cruz! I am in your corner.

  2. Cruz 2016!

  3. Cruz 2016 would be an incredible time for us wouldn’t it? I am worried that we will be seeing Hillary 2016 bumper stickers and I will have to refrain from “bumping” their cars when I see them on the road. The urge was always strong when I saw the Obama second term stickers! 🙂

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