Do it Now! My Joan Rivers Story

Do it Now! My Joan Rivers Story

Do it now! My Joan Rivers Story
By Alexis Deacon

My Dad who passed away several years ago use to know Joan Rivers and because of that I had the pleasure of meeting Ms.Rivers, whose real name was Joan Rosenberg. I was blessed to be able to spend a little time with her on a few occasions. One of my favorite places when I was young was Atlantic City. My family and I saw her perform there a couple of times. The shows were hilarious and Joan was always extremely sweet, kind and down to Earth afterwards.

In the very late 80’s Joan started a costume jewelry company. She sent my Mom and I some samples and it was absolutely beautiful! She also gave us these little knickknacks which were replicas of Faberge eggs and the attention to detail was amazing. Joan owned authentic Faberge eggs, most of which were given to her by her late husband Edgar Rosenberg . I can’t even begin to imagine what a collection such as hers would be worth. Joan’s little costume jewelry company went on to become an international billion dollar empire which later included makeup, nail polish, skin care, clothing and other items. It has been a huge success on many of the television home shopping channels for over two decades. Most people look up to her as a comedy genius or an entertainer but I use to think of her as a great role model to female business owners.

She constantly came across as the type of person who would give anyone the shirt off her back. Despite her comic zingers against celebrities, she had this generous and almost shy child like nature when she was off the stage and the camera. I don’t think she liked people to rave over her or get overly sentimental.

Born Joan Molinsky, she was the opposite of a feminist. She never saw herself as a victim for being a female or for being Jewish. She had many lows in her life. Her friend and mentor, Johnny Carson, never spoke to her again once she became his late night competition. The same late night TV talk show flopped causing her to be fired. Then her husband committed suicide in a hotel room in Philadelphia devastating her and her daughter Melissa. These events caused a chain reaction leaving Joan and Melissa in a bad spot financially. When she faced hard times she didn’t crumble, she persevered. She worked insanely hard, pulled herself up by the bootstraps and designed one of the greatest comebacks in the later stage of her life. They should put a photo of Joan Rivers in the dictionary next to the word Chutzpah. She was extremely tough for someone with such a tiny petite frame. Nobody and no situation could keep her down. She had an iron strong determination but underneath it all she was a sweetheart. In one of my businesses, I had to work with many celebrities and Joan was really unique and different than most of the people in the Hollywood spotlight.

Joan was good friends with President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan wrote a heartfelt statement on her friends’ passing the other day. When Joan’s husband killed himself, Joan had trouble getting his body released from the morgue. Nancy Reagan made a few calls, pulled a few favors and made it happen for Joan and Ms. Rivers was eternally grateful to the first lady. The following is a funny letter that Joan Rivers wrote to President Reagan during his presidency.

joan letter to reagan BwzBgG6CYAAKGMP

Nancy Reagan Joan rivers Bwu63duCIAAH3gn

Joan was a patriot who absolutely adored America. Politically, most people thought of Joan as a Rino, or a “California Country Club Republican” as her daughter Melissa calls it, but she had some secretly held conservative beliefs as well. She never donated to extreme Leftist politicians the way Robin Williams did. And Joan could not stand Michelle and Barack Obama! She was also a staunch supporter of Israel which is something I truly respected and loved about her. She even went on a rant about the recent Gaza conflict weeks before she died. The video is posted below if you missed it. Sarah Palin publicly praised Rivers for her opinions on the middle East. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu even mourned her passing.

Aside from being friends with U.S. presidents and Israel’s prime minister, Joan was friends with Prince Charles and members of the royal family. She exemplified one of the poet Rudyard Kipling’s lines; she could walk with kings and not lose the common touch.

Joan saw the bumble bee as a symbol of hope and the belief that anyone can achieve the impossible dream. Joan use to say according to science and aerodynamics, it is impossible for something shaped like the bumble bee to fly, yet it does. It defies gravity and logic, beating the odds and it became a symbol to her of achieving the impossible dream.

Joan had a signature saying “Do it Now.” It meant carpe diem, seize the day. Life is fragile. You don’t know if there will be another day- so do it now. Want to go to Paris? Go! Apply for that job, don’t procrastinate. Need to get your heart checked, get a mammogram or some other health procedure? Don’t put it off. Did you have a fight with a loved one? Don’t go to bed angry, make amends. Have a bad situation in your life? You CAN turn things around. Go for your dreams! Do it! Go get it! Live life large. Really appreciate and enjoy life! “Do it Now” was Joan’s motto and they are words to live by!

I pray for her family Melissa and Cooper and for the millions of people who adored her.

Joan, love you, mean it!

joan BwyzgbnCcAEmHed

Joan Bwtn5uGCQAEdwMc

Joan Rivers goes on an epic pro Israel rant just weeks before her death




My husband Edward use to tell me “You CAN turn things around” except for one terrible moment in a hotel room in Philadelphia when he forgot that.- Joan Rivers’ tearful acceptance speech after winning a daytime Emmy award.

Joan’s heart felt acceptance speech at the daytime Emmys


Joan Rivers- “I am a Republican” – Video from Fox news

Hat tip to Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit for posting this.

Robin Williams and Joan Rivers are probably cracking God up in the big comedy stage in the sky.

joan and robin BwtoD2ICUAA_MMX


  1. Joan Rivers was a great gal. RIP

  2. R.I.P. Joan Rivers

  3. Alexis, this is a beautiful post about Joan Rivers, I am so glad I found it. I was out searching the net to read about Joan and this one just blew me away. I never knew she started a costume jewelry company or collected Faberge eggs!! I LOVE Faberge eggs! My Mother collects those as well.

    We have lost two major people (or at least I feel we have) when we lost Joan and Robin Williams. I wish I could have met either one of them in person. But reading your post you really gave me a good idea of who Joan Rivers truly was and it was a amazing woman. I will miss her so much…

  4. Hildy Rossiter says:

    Reading this was a great insight into Joan River’s life. Whenever a celebrity passes away you always hear a million stories about them, and have to wonder how much of its true. It’s nice to hear from someone who actually knew her. I always admired her too, but that was her public face. From what you’ve written here, I think she must have been a very kind and thoughtful person. The fact that she – as busy as she was would think to send you samples of her jewelry line was a small thing, but It showed she remembered people who weren’t part of her big scene.
    I also think Johnny Carson made himself look foolish and insecure when he refused to speak to Joan after she got her own show. I wish it would have gone better for her. Thanks for a great post.

  5. ed pierce says:

    Joan was a very funny woman and as much as I hate to admit it, I used to watch her show on E! just to see her and listen to her say some of the most absurd things! She will be missed by many people whose lives she has touched through her comedy.

  6. julie leonard says:

    She was an outspoken comedic genius who was genuine and kind. I had heard stories of her kindness to those around her and even outside of her social circle. It is a very sad loss and it has had me searching YouTube for some of her older material.

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