Buck Sexton: Obama Pursues Climate Change Unilaterally

Buck Sexton: Obama Pursues Climate Change Unilaterally

Buck Sexton audio is from the Glenn Beck Program via the Blaze. Beck’s new generation of talk radio is really taking the world by storm. Press arrow to play.

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  1. Apparently today at the UN, our Imperial President Obama will issue an executive order that will require federal agencies to “factor climate resilience into the design of their international development programs and investments” and will announce tools that the U.S. plans to make available to other countries to “help vulnerable populations around the world strengthen their climate resilience.”

    Help me, Alexis. What is climate resilience?

    • LOL! You got me! The Left changes their climate lingo weekly as it suits them and their phony science. Obama finds some way to make things worse every day. (except for the days he plays golf) Maybe he should play golf more often. Is that even physically possible. Oh, well even if it is, I’m sure Valerie Jarrett would screw things up too. It’s useless.

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