IDF Targets Enemies while Limiting Civilian Causalities

IDF Targets Enemies while Limiting Civilian Causalities

Israel’s military, the IDF, limits civilian causalities by directly targeting their enemies and limiting the amount of explosive power in each missile.

Video from the IDF
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  3. Char in ND says:

    I bet Hamas is pretty ticked off knowing that some of those F-15I’s are manned by women of the IAF! 🙂

    Team Obama shows little support for Israel, even though they are being attacked from Gaza, the Sinai, Lebanon and Syria right now. Someone is voicing unconditional support for Israel, and it is Prime Minister Harper.

    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement in response to the situation in Israel:

    “The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification. It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region.

    “Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions. Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict.

    “Canada is unequivocally behind Israel. We support its right to defend itself, by itself, against these terror attacks, and urge Hamas to immediately cease their indiscriminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.

    “Canada reiterates its call for the Palestinian government to disarm Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups operating in Gaza, including the Iranian proxy, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” (from


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