Update on Andrew Tahmooressi, Marine held in Mexican prison

Update on Andrew Tahmooressi, Marine held in Mexican prison

A Marine who is being held in Mexico remained in prison over Memorial Day weekend. You can see the contrast between the way Mexico treats U.S. citizens. Meanwhile illegal aliens from Mexico are given free healthcare, benefits and a pathway to citizenship here in the U.S.

Video from Fox News

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  2. Perfect reason to militarily invade and annex Mexico. Coastal fisheries, oil, mineral wealth. All under developed and mostly neglected. The Mexican people would become US citizens if Mexico were a territory of the US as is, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam. The Tex-Mex border becomes open, and new border at Mexico’s much smaller southern border can be garrisoned by the Mexicans. If outsiders get in, there is less for the Mexicans. Everything becomes win/win, rather than the continual mess where corrupt politicians on both sides of the border are profiteering and the US taxpayer is bleeding dollars for food stamps, welfare, Obamacare, education. The captured US Marine is the perfect lawful reason to take Mexico.

  3. The Sgt would be home tomorrow if we had a man in the White house who would call the president of Mexico and simply tell him we would cut off the money flow unless our solider was
    returned immediately. Mexico has been freeloading for years yet still prefers to remain macho
    in manners such as holding our people when unnecessary. The American public should never vacation there it is simply wrong on many levels.

  4. Char in ND says:

    Why hasn’t the Obama administration lifted a finger to get this Marine released? It is disgraceful.
    As far as the illegal aliens, we are experiencing a full-fledged invasion and nobody in DC appears particularly concerned. I think it is alarming that they still have not tried to secure the borders. What about the American citizens, our sovereignty, our rights?

  5. Our country is being taken over by the Obama muslim brotherhood, this and Benjazi, the treatment of VA Clinic Veterans, Obama hates the military, he has always said so, he is a terrorist himself. Get the men that raped ambassador Stephens and get this marine out of Mexico before he gets the same. Mexico has always been a dangerious place, don’t allow tourists.

  6. Bring home our Marine

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