Time To Amend The Constitution

Time To Amend The Constitution

Trifecta video from PJ Media – PJTV

This episode features Scott Ott, Bill Whittle, and Stephen Green from Vodk Apundit. The three discus the possibility of a convention of states to propose amendments to the Constitution. Press the arrow to play.

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  1. Politicians do not honor the Constitution as it exists, so who can trust them to do anything?
    Better to replace the politicians and both political parties are equally worthless.
    Look how 2A Constitutional Carry is honored. I trust fewer politicians than the fingers on one hand. If Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., gave some kind of assurances, I would believe it. If Trey Gowdy said it should be done, I would believe it. Other than that, I continue to believe that it is a dangerous idea.
    If any readers cares to get salty, hop over to my page. {Open Invitation}

    • Now Brittius, I’m a little hurt Alexis Deacon’s assurance doesn’t persuade you. Have Clarke or Gowdy ever spoken out against a COS? How do we know they are not for it? It is because of the fact that these politicians are worthless that we need an amendment for term limits to get them the hell out of D.C. before they start to believe they are royalty. Most of the politicians at the local level such as the state legislators who are working on this are good guys. They are closer to the people and they want to bypass the crazy federal Congress just like us. The Left is going to call for a convention whether we like it or not. Therefore, we must beat them to it or at least have our ducks lined up to prepare for it. Nothing could be more dangerous than what is happening now. The framers would be disappointed we let things get this out of control by not calling for a convention of states. They though we would use this feature of the Constitution often to rein in out of control centralization.

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