Palin & Meckler: Arizona’s “King Biggs” is Blocking The Convention Of States Vote

Palin & Meckler: Arizona’s “King Biggs” is Blocking The Convention Of States Vote

By Sarah Palin – Via Facebook-

There was good news this week for grassroots patriots working to bring about a Convention of the States for the reasons outlined in Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” because this is the tool the Constitution gives us to rein in our out-of-control federal government via a process to amend the Constitution to include things like a federal balanced budget amendment, etc. This week the Alaska and Florida state legislatures passed bills in favor of the Convention of States. It’s already passed in Georgia and Alabama; and it’s in the process in Missouri, South Carolina, and Arizona.

But in Arizona there is only one man standing in the way. Even though the Arizona House overwhelmingly passed the measure, there is one lone Republican state senator named Andy Biggs who is blocking the vote. Mr. Biggs is the Arizona State Senate President, and he has used his power to block the bill from coming to a vote. Unless he budges, the session will run out, and the bill will actually die this year after thousands of hours of grassroots work and effort. Make no mistake, if that happens, these grassroots patriots will start over again next year and will continue as long as it takes. But I encourage everyone in Arizona to call this state senator and voice your objections to these Harry Reid-like tactics. Tell him to allow this bill to come to a vote, and from now on, please only elect local leaders who support this effort.


By Mark Meckler – Via Breitbart –

Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs is blocking a vote on the very popular Convention of States Application (SCR 1016) which calls for an Article V Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution that would limit the scope and power of the federal government.

Here’s what happened.

The bill passed the Arizona House by a large majority. Biggs, however, has always been opposed to the idea of an Article V Amending convention, even though stalwart conservative pundits and thinkers like George Will, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and David Barton all support the idea. Citing fears of a “runaway convention,” Biggs is apparently more comfortable continuing to let Congress and the President “runaway” with our liberties.

That’s why — when it moved to the Senate — Biggs tried to squash it by assigning it to multiple “kill” committees in the Senate. Undaunted by Biggs’ procedural games, supporters moved the bill back to the House, where the bill passed again. Now, it’s back in the Senate, having passed committee hurdles through procedural maneuvers arranged by the bill’s sponsors.

Biggs, however, refuses to let Arizona vote. Though Biggs has been a steadfast voice for the citizens, his refusal to allow a vote puts his personal preference above the will of the people in his state.

No one is asking for Andy Biggs to support SCR 1016. In fact, he should vote against it and argue his case in the marketplace of ideas. But his heavy-handed approach of refusing to publicly addressed the issue and unilaterally decide for his whole state is straight out of Harry Reid’s playbook. By refusing to allow his caucus and the full Senate to engage in floor debate or a vote, he is depriving the citizens of Arizona a full and fair hearing on the issue. Today, Biggs is behaving like “King Biggs,” the ruler of the Arizona Senate and — by extension — all the people of Arizona.

Time is running out. Because the Senate’s session expires on Wednesday, April 23rd, the shenanigans of Biggs might cause this bill to go unheard in the Senate.

Here’s what he doesn’t understand.

The people of Arizona have expressed their support for SCR 1016 — through the House of Representatives — because they want to restrain the scope, jurisdiction, and power of the federal government.

Biggs should realize this. Now that Arizonans are fed up with an arrogant government unwilling to listen to the people, they won’t stand for that kind of behavior at the state level either.

Let Arizona vote.

If you would like to encourage Sen. Biggs to do the right thing, email him at or call him at 602-926-4371602-926-4371. Time is running out.



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