Mark Levin defends the pro-life movement

Mark Levin defends the pro-life movement

Mark Levin defends the pro-life movement and social conservatism.

Mark Levin explains it is Democrats who run on abortion and Republicans go on defense.

It is Democrats who are challenging American families and tradition.

He reminds us Reagan never hid his beliefs on abortion or families and that we need a modern day candidate who can articulate our principles and values.

Audio from the Mark Levin Show.

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  1. edpierceep says:

    His taking a stand and being clear about how he feels is very Reagan-like and we need more people to do that. Everyone is trying to cover their own tails and it gets us nowhere.

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  3. “We lose elections because we don’t stand for anything.” Exactly! Mark Levin hit it on the head again, I love his passion.

    • That’s the point that I took from it also! If we are always waffling about our beliefs, we will always look like we are hiding something. We need to stand up and speak out for what we hold dear!

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