Demonizing Christians- Religious Liberties Continue To Be Destroyed

Demonizing Christians- Religious Liberties Continue To Be Destroyed

Demonizing Christians

Our culture continues to demonize Christians with the firing of Mozilla CEO. The company awkwardly tries to appease everybody with an incoherent statement. “Equality” like “homophobic” are code words, as the Left likes to say, used by people who are anti- Christian.

On a side note, Huckabee gets filed in the same folder with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, labeled “No, God please don’t let them be the Republican nominee.” He does have a point with Obama’s stance on marriage, however. It’s so ridiculous that the position of supporting traditional marriage has gone from acceptable to bigotry in the space of 6 years. The media and Hollywood are insane.

Video from Fox & Friends, click the arrow to play.

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  1. The left will continue to fight for there secular utopia where anything goes and if they win this fight America will be a sad place. In my youth I believed both liberal and conservatives could live in peace however viewing what the left has become I no longer believe there can be found any agreement between the two. An interesting experiment which may be forced on us in the future is a split America, in fact that may be the best solution and I have no doubt the conservative side would be the most happy and productive.

    • In the past both Democrats and Republicans shared somewhat similar values. The problem is the Marxists learned that their was a sneakier way to achieve things instead of a Revolution. Saul Alinsky taught community organizers how to use academia, plus new inventions such as television and the Internet, over the past sixty years to change our culture and indoctrinate the public to their big government positions. The “greatest generation” upheld our longstanding traditions given to us by our founding fathers. Unfortunately, most of the baby boomers set out to destroy everything their parents stood for and by the time the Millennials arrived our culture was too much of a mess for most of the youth to find their way. To achieve their statist agenda everything which is quintessential America should be subverted.

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  4. edpierceep says:

    I think Hollywood and the media need to take a step back and look at the real roles they play in the lives of Americans everywhere. What they say and do are followed by the many sheep we have living in our country watching with great belief and doing whatever they are told by these horrible people who just want to advance their own personal agendas and demonize the very fabric of our once great country!

    • Their roles are like lullabies to the uninformed people we have living among us. They will always believe what they are told and that is something that will never change.

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