Common Core Dangers

Common Core Dangers

By Carol Frazier – Politics sure does make strange bedfellows. I believe any policy that is opposed by both the New York State Teachers Union and the TEA Party (not necessarily for the same reasons) needs to be looked at very carefully.

Of course, I am referring to the Common Core State Standards. And, of course education is not supposed to be political. (Ahem.)

Just about everything you have been told about Common Core by the federal, state and local education establishment is, at best, incorrect, and, at worst, downright false. Starting with the way the standards were developed (and the real motivation of those behind it), parents and teachers have been misled, and those who question the standards and the implementation, the effect on our children and grandchildren, the harm that is being and will be done to the teaching profession and the enormous budget busting costs, are basically being told to sit down and shut up – we know better than you. Teachers who are opposed to, and frankly frightened by, Common Core fear to speak out.

It is also ironic that the Douglas County, Colo., Board of Education has passed a resolution opposing the Common Core national standards due to the quality of the standards and on principle. Ironic because our own Worcester County Superintendent of Education hails from Colorado.

It is not my purpose here to reiterate all of the dangers and problems with Common Core. There have been many letters to the editor about this subject, and there are many news articles in national papers and online (most recently “The Coming Common Core Meltdown” Jan 23, Washington Post). There are numerous websites devoted to the dangers of Common Core. Inquiring minds who want to know can read all about it.

Del. Michael Smigiel has introduced legislation in the House of Delegates to repeal Common Core. The hearing on this bill is scheduled for February. Parents, grandparents and educators who believe they know better than unelected bureaucrats what is best for their children and students should contact their legislators and encourage them to vote to repeal the funding for this mess.


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  3. I went to school in New York State. I’m glad it was before all the weirdness.

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