Article V: Georgia Proposes Historic Legislation

Article V: Georgia Proposes Historic Legislation

A Georgia senator proposes historic legislation. Last week Georgia became one of the first states in the country to refer to the floor of one of its Chambers the resolution calling for an Article V convention of states to rein in the power and jurisdiction of our runaway federal government.

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Michael Farris in Georgia

Staton bid for constitutional convention draws big crowd – By Maggie Lee Via The Telegraph- –
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ATLANTA — In probably the first hearing at the state Capitol this year to fill a room, the Senate Rules Committee approved a resolution by state Sen. Cecil Staton that calls for a convention of states to modify the U.S. Constitution.
His Senate Resolution 736 calls for states to band together to make the federal government live within its means, impose federal term limits and limit other powers wielded in Washington.

“One of the things I hear most from my constituents today is utter frustration with what’s going on in our federal government,” said Staton, R-Macon, calling it a “bloated and abusive government that spends too much (money) and is overreaching into Americans’ lives.”

Some 100 activists decked out in the colors of the U.S. flag watched more than a dozen of their own testify about what they said are unconstitutional measures coming out of parts of the federal government, from the Affordable Care Act to the Transportation Security Administration.

Committee Republicans supported the measure while Democrats declined in the Friday vote. It could appear on the Senate floor for debate as early as next week.

On the state House side, fans of the measure are trying to drum up support.

Ahead of the Senate hearing, state Rep. Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville, invited his colleagues to a lunch he bankrolled, featuring the national leader of the convention movement, Michael Farris.

Farris is working to get 34 states to pass similar resolutions in order to hold the convention. If Senate Resolution 736 proves popular enough to speed through the state Capitol, Georgia may be the first to sign on.

Other states have proposed a convention under the Constitution’s Article V, which allows two-thirds of the states to call a convention. A constitutional convention has not been convened since 1787.

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