Conservatives On Twitter Are Ready To Fight Back

Conservatives On Twitter Are Ready To Fight Back

In the wake of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell openly bashing the base to the press, Tea Party conservatives are ready to fight back.

— Aaron Burr (@SuperAaronBurr) December 14, 2013

— Sharon Asch (@hayleesgrammie) December 14, 2013

href=”″>December 14, 2013


  1. Twitter is fast becoming a social platform for progress and change. The more people that are on it, the more that will listen and possibly be woken up to their surroundings, maybe then people will realize what is going on in our country and what they can do about it.

  2. I know who I’m going to be following on Twitter from now on! These discussions sound like they could get very heated and that’s the catalyst we need to make real change happen; good change not the Obama version of it.

  3. Strength of heart and love of country! Phyllis Herrin couldn’t have said it any better! It looks like the Tea Party is on the offensive and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s all join the fight and prevail over all!

  4. joe spece says:

    I have seen some of the heated conversations and they get really bad now and then. I think that’s what makes this discussion so unique, the fact that people are willing to fight tooth and nail on the topics that really matter to them.

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