The Purpose of Obamacare is to Demonize and Bankrupt the Health Insurance Industry

The Purpose of Obamacare is to Demonize and Bankrupt the Health Insurance Industry

By Carol Frazier –

For years, Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party members have been warning about the dangers of Obamacare. In return, we’ve been called racist, homophobic, bigoted, too stupid to know what’s good for us, un-American, etc. We’ve been accused of wanting people to just die, of hating women, shoving Granny off a cliff, and wanting autistic children to be out on the street on their own. We’re terrorists, hostage takers and suicide bombers. The list goes on.

In 2009, I wrote that the true purpose of Obamacare is to demonize and bankrupt the health insurance industry so we’re left with nothing but the government, i.e., Medicaid for all. I can’t tell you how much I hate to say “I told you so,” because millions and millions of Americans are hurting badly as a result of this law – laid off or hours cut, and now having their insurance policies canceled and unable to get on the website to sign up for insurance under the exchanges (despite the promise of the President and every other Democrat that ‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period’). Not that people can afford the offerings on the exchanges – in most cases the premiums are much higher and the deductibles are in the stratosphere. And we’re just getting started – wait until next year when employers start receiving notices about group health plans. We’re talking tens of millions of cancellations.

Never forget that every single Democrat voted for this mess. It is pitiful to see the Democrat politicians up for re-election next year scrambling to fix this mess – a mess they created because, guess what, they didn’t read the bill.

And now we find out that our very own Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has admitted that he knew that many Marylanders would not be able to keep their insurance, but chose to keep silent. One has to wonder why. Was he more interested in promoting Obamacare than in protecting the citizens of his own state? Mr. Brown is responsible for implementing Maryland’s version of the law, and apparently our exchange isn’t working much better than Funny, I haven’t read about that in any of the local newspapers. Again, why? So far, according to Federal numbers, only 1,254 people were able to enroll in Maryland during the month of October, while 73,000 Marylanders were sent cancellation notices. A whopping 90,000-plus signed up for Medicaid.

I don’t think it is unreasonable of me, as a taxpaying citizen of the State of Maryland, to expect the Lieutenant Governor of my state to be honest with the citizens and to care more about us than he does about partisan politics and making the Obama Administration happy.

Should I expect a call from the IRS now?


  1. Wow, you are now on every watch list that exist. Welcome, I am also.  BLOG:

  2. I have been saying this too. Obamacare is designed to destroy the American health care system…

    • It’s designed to destroy the capitalist system as well. If the white house would close down open air memorials just to spite us, imagine the future when they can shut down hospitals, cancer treatments etc. if the people ever get out of line. They will completely control us.

  3. Excellent article and comments.
    It sickens me to think of how many people will suffer and die because of the implementation of this law.
    I know they care not about the success of Obamacare , it is merely a stepping stone to a single payer system.

  4. I think I’m in love with you. I wish there where more smart, out spoken, American women like you.

  5. My first thought also was that insurance companies would be transformed into being nothing but helping to administer a single payer system, which is what the left has said that they really want. I was of course demonized and laughed at like some kind of kook. Not sure why…It’s no secret, the Progressives have always spelled out everything that they’ve wanted to do since the Wilson era. It’s not kooky to point out that in every society there’s a group of people who think that they know what’s best for everyone and that best is someone (them) controlling what people do and the choices they make. God help us in our struggles.

    • I completely agree with you Ronald. The progressives have had a list of goals since the Wilson era and many of them are coming to fruition now in front of our eyes. I can understand what you mean about some citizens not seeing the truth yet. I live in Maryland and in most counties they are taxing rain. I met a lady last week who had to pay an extra $1,000 in taxes this year because of the rainfall on her property. I never thought I would see tyranny like this in our beautiful America. Thanks for commenting. Please stop by more often and voice your opinion. God bless.

  6. I’m new here, and know this a late reply, but loved the article – you’ve summed up Obamacare very nicely. I agree with you totally! It was planned and deliberate to create a Single Payer system. It will eventually drive private insurance out of business, meanwhile creating an even more over-reaching and expansive Govt. The numbers of those cancelled versus new enrollees are pathetic and if this would have been a private company’s rollout of a new product, the CEO would have been fired! It’s an outrage how the Democrats and Obamacare are on a fast track to permanently bankrupt our Country. And yes, don’t be surprised if the IRS “visits” you – probably all of us that have any Tea Party affiliations or inclinations. 🙂

    • Hi Dan! Thanks for commenting. They want to destroy the best medical system in the world and give us the socialized medicine Reagan warned us about. I hate to see this disaster occur to 1/6th of our economy. Please stop by more often! We would love to hear from you. Have a great day. 🙂

  7. edpierceep says:

    I promised that I wouldn’t allow myself to rant about Obamacare and I try very hard every day not to. Today I have to pick up a prescription that was $5 last month under our health insurance coverage but now it will cost me $78 because we couldn’t afford the coverage that we work so hard every day for. I believe he said that under Obamacare, we would be able to keep our current health insurance policies if we want to. I know many people who are losing their insurance because they can’t afford the coverage any more. How is that fair that I should lose my coverage so someone who hasn’t worked a day in their life should get free coverage? Why even work any more if it is easier not too? How can this be allowed and where are all of the Obama voters? I want my money back from them, I feel they should have to pay something for their coverage rather than just holding out their hands.
    There, I didn’t rant and I feel somewhat better about it. 🙂

  8. Just hearing about Obamcare makes me sick! Is there any way we can abolish it when he is out of the presidency? Would that be possible or do the people on it have more of a say than the people supporting it?

  9. Can anyone tell me what the end result of Obamacare is supposed to be? Does it want all of us to be on government-run health care or does it want us to work harder and longer hours to afford the insurance that we HAD before Obamacare? If it’s the former, what happens when the government shuts down again because of their inept ability to balance a budget? Do we all lose health care or does the healthcare industry just completely shut down for lack of funding from the government? If we are all expected to pitch in so that everyone else can have healthcare, wouldn’t we all just stand up and say no and leave the system to perish on it’s own lack or merit?

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