David Long Discusses The Mount Vernon Assembly

David Long Discusses The Mount Vernon Assembly

David C. Long is a Republican member of the Indiana State Senate.
In this video he discusses Governor Mike Pence & The Mount Vernon Assembly

Video from Comcast News Makers & FNN News

For More Articles about Amending the Constitution Via A Convention of States, Click Here


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  2. davidfarrard says:

    So how soon can enough states get together to put forward the proposition of revoking the 17th Amendment?

    ex animo

  3. Ron Scubadiver says:

    I see a lot of information on why an Article V convention is needed, or a structural change to allow the States to propose amendments, but nothing on what these amendments would do substantively. For example, is there a proposal for an effective and meaningful way to limit executive power? Can you point me towards the leading proposals?

  4. davidfarrar says:

    Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All, and to all a good night.
    Jubal Singers performing in Cedartown, Ga Feb 8, 2011

    ex animo

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