Would JFK Be Welcome In Today’s Democratic Party?

Would JFK Be Welcome In Today’s Democratic Party?

Isn’t it ironic that President Kennedy was murdered in cold blood by a Marxist and 50 years later we have a Marxist sitting in our oval office serving as President? – Alexis


  1. iamyournot says:

    John Kennedy was the Ronald Reagan of his time.

  2. Well put, Alexis.

  3. Well, a lot to respond to from this panel discussion. First, JFK was not pro-life–during his earlier political career, he had women get abortions. He was not a practicing Catholic either. RFK was more formally involved, though. These people didn’t do their homework. As for his economic stance in general, he was a Keynesian, the opposite of Ronald Reagan. He did call for tax cuts at one point, but that was not characteristic. John Kenneth Galbraith, his economic adviser was extremely liberal. Very likeable guy, very debonair, like Ronald Reagan. Good speaker, had two great speechwriters in Theodore Sorensen and Richard Goodwin.

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