Rino Song – The Party Of Lincoln – Funny

Rino Song – The Party Of Lincoln – Funny

Please Watch, like and Comment

Please Watch, like and Comment


This video was made by “The Ol’ Patriot”

The Party of Lincoln

The people said “Son you’re gonna drive us to drinkin’
If you don’t stop dividin’ The Party of Lincoln”

Have you heard the story of John Hussein McCain?
A Republican— but only in name
Got a pal named Lindsey and they’re here to say
If you want to get along, give Obama his way

We’re The Party of Lincoln and we’re really fed up
‘Cause John’s on the floor and he acts like a nut
There’s Lindsey, McConnell, Collins, and Snowe
Rush and Levin say — “They all got to go”

With a two-faced style, and double-talk
After 25 years, he should really get lost
Bi — political, what’s that you say?
He’ll switch parties every day

Pulled out of Arizona late one night
With his moderate views and his own bill of rights
He was driving up— to Capitol Hill
Passin’ laws that make Republicans ill

All of a sudden in the wink of an eye
Ted Cruz & Mike Lee passed him by
He said “Boys you’re depressing me”
You got Lindsey upset now can’t you see?

Now the fellas ribbed him for leadin’ from behind
Those wacko birds should really unwind
Put his thumb in his mouth and man alive
Grabbed Harry Reid’s skirt and started to cry

Wound it up like he’s a 110
He’d stop Ted Cruz from playing to win
Stuck his foot in his mouth on the Senate floor
Harry Reid said “Yep…that’s my boy”

Now we all knew he’d lost his sense
When “The Maverick” straddled that picket fence
He said “slow down, I’ve got liver spots!”
But Cruz and Lee weren’t about to stop

Took a left corner…all in a huff
Double crossed the Tea Party just for luck
His teeth were clicking as he ran to his post
McConnell beside him–was white as a ghost

Smoke was comin’ from a room in the back
As he started to act like a Democrat
He knew he could catch’em and the bill would pass
So why did he insist on being an ass?

He flamed everybody on the tea party side
The establishment’s man— the architect’s pride
Said “Look out boys, I got a license to lie”
And the press pulled over let John by

Now all of the sudden Obamacare was floppin’
The websites code was just that rotten
John looked like a hero if you’re not thinkin’
But he just screwed The Party of Lincoln

If they arrested him they and put him in jail
The folks in Arizona would pay his bail
And the peopled say “Son you’re gonna drive us to drinkin’
If you don’t stop dividin’ The Party… of… Lincoln…”

No Republicans were harmed during the making of this parody.
A parody like a RINO is not the real thing.


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